WordPress Starter Blog Package

The Starter Blog – $600 and up

If you need a basic blog at your own domain name, and you don’t need a whole lot of customization right now, this is the package for you!

Here’s what’s included in my Starter Blog package:

Installation and configuration of Wordpress software
Uploading one of my recommended themes
Installation of starter package add-ons*
Easy-to-use visual editor for updating your posts
Training – 2 separate video training sessions (1.25 hours each, 2.5 hours total) on Wordpress posting, publishing and management

* Starter Package add-ons are special processes and plug-ins (tiny modules built specially for WordPress, think of them as little helper elves) that make your blog:

  • Secure (No site is perfectly secure, but there are several steps I take to fortify your blog beyond the default security settings. Unfortunately, I can’t throw in attractive bodyguards.)
  • Even easier to use (You work hard already. Your blog shouldn’t make you work harder.)

What this package does NOT include:

  • Customization of your theme – If you want me to customize the banner, fonts, or colors of your themes, you will want to check out one of my other packages.
  • Using a theme that isn’t in my recommended list – I’ve compiled a list of themes that are user-friendly and play well with plug-ins. Already in love with a theme not on the list? No problem! I offer an à la carte service for checking the plug-in and WordPress version compatibility of alternate themes that you can purchase along with your Starter Blog.
  • Migrating content from another blog – My Starter Blog package is a “fresh start” service that will give you a blank blog, ready for you to fill with new and fabulous content. If you have an existing blog and you want posts, comments, etc. moved over to a new blog, then what you want is a blog migration.
  • Domain name registration and hosting fees – You’ll need a domain name (the .com or .net or other address where people can find your blog – example: bloggingwithbeth.com) and a place to store your blog (hosting).  I recommend Bluehost for their insanely reasonable pricing and FANTASTIC customer service.

How this works

Interested? Ready to buy? Here’s how I’ll get your Starter Blog up and running.  You have two options:

Option 1 (the “Step-By-Step DIY” method)

I’ll send you an easy, step-by-step guide to walk you through:

  1. Buying your web hosting and domain name.
  2. Deciding on a theme to create your blog’s look and layout.
  3. Providing the information I will need from you, such as hosting log-in info and a bit more. (Don’t worry – I won’t be able to see your credit card info when I’m logged into your account.)

Within the week, I set up your blog as described above, and then we’ll schedule your first training session, and you’ll be ready to roll!

Option 2 (the “Concierge” method)

If you’re comfortable sharing your credit card information, I can do everything for you, except decide which theme you like most (and let’s face it – that’s the fun part!).

Getting Started

Ready to start? Email me today and we’ll get you going right away. You can have your new blog in less than a week!  (Feeling overwhelmed or have questions? We’ve all been there. Take a deep breath and email me and I’ll talk you through everything, even those questions you may not know you have yet.)

If you need a basic blog at your own domain name, and you don’t need a whole lot of customization right now, this is the package for you!

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