WordPress Questions?

I'm in the process of creating a "Quick-Start" guide to blogging, which will be on sale later this week (stayed tuned for announcements)!  This guide will include a substantial section on getting started with WordPress (both WordPress.org and WordPress.com). 

So my question to those of you who are already blogging with WordPress is – what did you have trouble with?  Is there anything that you got stuck on (when you first getting started) that you definitely think should be included in my guide?  What gave you pause, or what did you need to seek help with?  Thanks in advance for your suggestions – you will help make this guide as complete as possible!

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  1. I would say setting the format for permalinks – you set mine and then I’ve copied that for blogs I’ve set up since then.

  2. I am in the process and haven’t done it yet, but my questions are around transferring from blogger and from regular web-sites to word press

  3. One difficult thing is that no matter how carefully I use paragraphs while typing my posts, they aren’t there when I save or publish. I also can’t seem how to find different typestyles.

  4. I would love to have you address SEO in plain speak.

  5. I initially had trouble imbedding media (music and other websites). I probably have not used half of what I could have in WordPress. I just want to write; not be a tech. I read about permalinks above and thought Good Grief what are those? Ha!

    I, and about a 100 other people, are crying about how WE LOST OUR KITCHEN SINK with the new version! Can’t find any answer to that one online – just lots of frustrated users -which is zero help. My book got updated, my blog did not. I’m sure not updating the blog now! Working without the full kitchen sink is really time consuming.

  6. What are the specific benefits of using “.org” over “.com in” in WordPress. I initially set my domain using “.com.” How difficult would it be to switch it over .”org?”

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