Why Writing Great Content is the Most Important Part of Blogging

I'm not just interested in blogging, but also the art of running a successful small business.  I've got a passion for learning about personal finance, specifically how our conversations about money affect how much we earn. 

I'm a big fan of both Barbara Stanny and Money magazine, and I can't remember which one of them led me to a great blog I've just started following:  Get Rich Slowly

The author, JD Roth, gives sensible, practical advice on personal finance, wealth-building and debt elimination.  He's a terrific example of how bloggers can build a big audience and a huge, loyal following by publishing great content. 

Today, for example, he published an interview with author Scott Burns, who wrote "Spend 'Til the End: A Revolutionary Guide to Raising Your Living Standard [Today and When Your Retire]".  Burns says:

The task of a personal finance writer is to write things in an
non-intimidating way so that you can reach the broadest number of
people without degrading your content. If you insist on dumbing down —
the usual route used to degrade the content — and, that doesn’t work.
What we need is to be as lucid as humanly possible, have some amount of
levity so that people won’t feel that they’re being punished, and get
people to say, “Oh, money! This is another tool for adaptation! This is
another way that I can improve my life. This is another way that I can
escape having a life that consists of a long series of unpleasant

Love that last line.  Roth publishes original, useful and timeless content, which is exactly what you should be striving for as a blogger.  He's also got a nice, clean, straightforward site design that's easy to navigate and isn't overwhelming.  Roth seems to know that publishing great content is the most important part of running a great blog.  Obviously he's doing a lot right here – he's recently  been named "Most Inspiring Money Blog" by Money magazine.  Congrats, JD – and please keep up the great work! 

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