Why Bloggers Should Use Feedburner

Feedburner is a free online service that allows you to send you email updates from your blog. Anyone who is reading your blog can enter her email address (using an opt-in form on your blog), and once they’ve confirmed their sign-up, Feedburner will automatically email her your new posts every time you publish one.  Feedburner allow you not only to track how many email subscribers you’ve got, but it also tracks how many people subscribe to your blog using an RSS feed reader.

For an explanation of RSS feeds and why they’re important for bloggers, please download my special report – “7 Ways RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Can Help You as a Blogger”, as well as some other cool freebies from my library.

Why set up Feedburner?  Here’s a few reasons:

1.  Using Feedburner will assure that more readers consistently read your posts. If a reader signs up for email update, they are much more likely to read a post if it comes into her inbox than if they have to return to your blog to check for new posts. That increases your readership and gets you new fans.

2.  It’s a free, low-hassle way to get your mailing list started. You can use the email addresses of people who have signed up for your Feedburner list in other ways, including emailing them about promotions, new product announcements and events.  And when you’re ready to move to a more robust email marketing tool (my favorite is Aweber), you can easily import your Feedburner subscribers into that tool, too.

3.  Feedburner helps you track your readership. Use your Feedburner statistics in conjunction with another traffic tracker (Google Analytics is a great one) to find out how many people read your blog. Set goals for yourself – how about 1000 subscribers by the end of this year?? You can do it!

4.  It’s an automatic way for you to advertise every time you’ve put up a new post. I’m a fan of linking your blog to other email and social media tools, using these feed-based services. That way you don’t have to run all over the Internet yelling “New post! New post!” each time your publish something new. Feedburner sends out new posts automatically to all your email subscribers, so all you have to do is write and publish. Cool!

Ready to get started? Go to Feedburner, set up a username and password (or use a Google login if you already have one – Feedburner is now owned by the all-powerful world of Google). Then “burn” your new feed by entering the URL or the feed of your blog. You’ll want to visit the “Publicize” tab in FB after your intial burn…..that way you can turn on email subscription capability and grab the code for your new opt-in for so you can add it to your blog.

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  1. Hey Beth,
    Is Feedburner different from the email sign-up widget I added to my blog?

  2. Thanks for the Feedburner info. I’ve been using it and wondering if folks considered it a good thing, which is how I happened upon your post 🙂 As to Aweber, while I’ve been looking around for mailing list options, I’ve seen posts that it’s on many blacklists so the emails don’t get to people. Somebody replied to one of the comments saying she can’t subscribe to anything on an Aweber mailing list because she never sees it in her inbox. Just an FYI 😉 I had heard good things about it way back when too, but it may have gotten trashed out by spammers.

  3. Nice post Beth! I started out using Feedburner than recently switched to Aweber. Both applications give you the ability to broadcast your posts to subscribers via email, however, Aweber lets you control your email list much more effectively. If you wish to monetize your subscriber base, Aweber is the way to go.

    One benefit that I see with Feedburner is that most sites which track the popularity of your site pull Feedburner stats. Maybe I am missing something, but my Aweber stats are not picked up by these sites.

  4. Thanks Beth for doing something that is so often overlooked when it comes to anything relating to blogs – talking in plain terms. Your advice is clear, concise and accurate and so refreshing to this new blogger learning all there is to know about the world of blogging.

    I have plenty to write about and now with your insight I have a better understanding of Feedburner.

    I will certainly check back for updates.

    All the best…Craig

  5. Thanks for this very clear information!

    I have a follow-up question – is there an advantage to using Feedburner to using a Subscribe widget like “Add to Any”? That’s what I use now, and I’m considering whether to move to using Feedburner.


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