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In the last two weeks, I had two cool opportunities to hang out in places outside my own blog. Fun!  Here’s where you can find me –

I was asked to do a tech segment on a brand-new radio show called Boomer Alley. This new show is the brainchild of Marc Sotkin, the award-winning Executive producer and writer of Golden Girls and Laverne and Shirley. The show is aimed at – surprise! – Baby Boomers, and it addresses issues that are important for folks of that generation. Because many of my clients are Boomers and I had never been on a radio show (sweet!!) I was more than game to be on the show. With the help of producer Sharon Glassman, we did a cool segment on a WordPress plugin that helps bloggers be gutsy with their writing and publishing

Listen to the whole show (which is fantastic, by the way) – by clicking here. and pressing the “play” icon on their little audio player. My tech segment is at the very end, around the 38 minute mark.

The WordPress plugin that I refer to on the show is called Zemanta, and it can really help you beef up the content in your posts. You write the posts, and the Zemanta makes recommendations for links, images and videos you can add to make your post more interesting. For example, in this post, Zemanta suggested the links to Golden Girls and Laverne and Shirley, above, and it also went and found that totally awesome picture and Lenny and Sqiuggy, which I added in one click. It even added the attribute!  I’m in love with Zemanta – download the WordPress plugin here, or I understand they’ve got some sort of Firefox browser tool, too, which means you can likely use it with other blogging tools! I haven’t tried that out, though, so if you try it and it works for you – let me know here in the comments!

Also – I did  a guest post for a colleague of mine, Eliana Berlfein, who is a website designer. The post is called “Top Six Reasons Every Business Should Blog“. If you’re running a business and you’re on the fence, this is an important post for you to read!

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  1. Hi Beth, I went and listened to the radio show – very fun, helped me get through a tedious chore…make sure we talk about it next time we talk. Love

  2. Thanks! I installed it and LOVE it! It will save me time hunting down photos, links, etc.

  3. Congrats on your first radio show and thanks for the tip on Zemanta – I’ll give it a go.

  4. Hi Beth,
    Zemanta is open in a new tab right this moment. I look forward to meeting you this weekend at the Boulder Writers meetup. I am a member of that group and – since organizer Lori’s presentation on marketing – I have been trying to build a bigger “writer’s” platform. This has mainly consisted of re-posting my blog to opensalon.com and entering their contests and open calls. The effect has been encouraging. Your presentation has me excited for Saturday!
    Cyndi Baker

  5. Well, I installed Zemanta and it seems to have stopped a scheduled post from publishing. I didn’t use the plugin on that post and as soon as I deactivated the plugin, the post published. I might give it another go and use it on a post before I schedule it to publish. If that doesn’t work then there must be some incompatibility with maybe the theme or another plugin I’m running.

    • Hi Mandy – Are you sure it’s Zemanta that has stopped the scheduled post? Have you successfully scheduled and published a post since the move happened? I want to make sure we didn’t miss something else.

  6. I agree, Zemanta is a must-have resource for bloggers. I have the plugin on all three of my blogs. Not only does it provide links from Amazon.com, Wikipedia, and other helpful sources, you can also set it up to search your own content. I regularly use it to add a photo from my Flickr account to a blog post.

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