What’s Your Why?

Do you ever think about why you started your business?

Yes, we all like to make money. But most of us also started our companies because we want to help people in some way.

If you’re a coach, you probably want to help people live their best lives. If you’re a realtor, you want to help people find their dream homes. If you’re a personal stylist, you want to instill professional and personal confidence in your clients.

As a social media consultant, I want to teach people how to leverage social media so they can make more money with their businesses. And that mission is really important to me. But it’s not what truly drives me.

Let me back up a bit.

I am incredibly lucky. The last two years of my life have been absolutely amazing — and things just keep getting better and better.

I published a book last year.

I’ve earned a spot on the Copyblogger Media editorial staff — which is my dream job.

I work from home every day, and set my own hours. As a single mom, owning my own business allows me the flexibility to go to school events (or stay home with my kiddo when he’s sick).

I have a brand new puppy who brings my family joy.

I feel like my life is pretty damn awesome.

I don’t mean to sound like one of those cheesy 10-page sales letters filled with promises of sailboats and tropical vacations. It’s not about that.

But here’s the secret — in my consulting and coaching business, I do more than help people with their online marketing. I help people fulfill their dreams of living happier, abundant, amazing lives.

I believe – from the bottom of my heart – that we can all lead lives of extraordinary power and magic. We don’t have to suffer through jobs we hate, or 3-hour daily commutes, or living in places we don’t like.

The real reason I started my business — and the reason I keep going, even when things occasionally get tough — is that I believe that people can live amazing lives.

They can build an online business that supports their dreams. They can travel, or work from home, or have the money to buy that new house.

And I want to help them get there. That’s the real reason I get out of bed every day. I want to help people live magical, extraordinary lives.

For more inspiration about finding your “Why,” check out this incredible TED talk by Simon Sinek.

So tell me – why do you run your business? Tell me your “Why” in the comments below.

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  1. Hi Beth
    That is a great question…why? My “why” is to see people smile and show my love for myself and others. Art is a tough business, but today, everything is… so I don’t feel so alone or daunted by the task. I used to be a school teacher in Alternative Ed and started painting the kids in my classroom as quirky cats and dogs. Then I sparkled with glitter them to make me smile. Now I am a full time “sparkler” and grateful for the opportunity to bring what I love to others.

    • Thanks, Nettie! I love the idea of you being a full-time “sparkler”! 🙂 What a wonderful mental image!

  2. Thank you for such a great post! You are so right about the “why”!

  3. I love that you want to help people live wonderful, magical lives. And you DO!

  4. When you connect to your “why” it’s a lot easier to get out of bed and make it to work every day. We believe that everyone has the ability to make their lives better, and most people have the capacity to create the lives they crave. It’s our job to show them how to create the plan and take the actions that will get them there.

    When we redesigned our lives in 2008, we had no idea where it would take us. And now that we’ve seen the power of focused attention to a dream, we can’t help but want to share the info with others.

    Looking forward to the details on your VIP coaching program, Beth!

  5. Beth, you’ve been and continue to be a major inspiration in my life and work. Moving my book from acceptance for publication through all the stages of promotion to its launch has been an effort of sometimes crisis proportions. I’ve had to move from the egoic to the service “why” to help my book find its audience.
    You’ve shown me over and over that each of us has something unique to share, and how important it is to offer it. Thank you.

  6. My why is that I was in a car accident on 4-1-12 , broke my neck in 2 places and had to find a less physical job since I can’t do plumbing any more so I bought a website thinking it would be easy money.
    since October I only have 1 sale. I have not worked for a year now, waiting on the courts , meanwhile I needed a way to pay my bills and I thought this was it. OOPS! Any free advice you can give would be greatly appreciated. Finding the right keywords for a site with so much competition is impossible. I’ve been taken advantage to the tune of 2400$ and still only 1 sale on my site.I guess internet solutions group was not as trustworthy as I thought. Any help would be appreciated!
    thank you

    Jeff Kane

  7. I am a grannykat of very limited means. But love your work and hope others will buy your premium coaching. I am unclear about what needs to be bought and what can be had for free.

  8. Hi Beth,

    Working with you is an educational, inspiring and rewarding experience. I have the pleasure of being your coaching client as I write this … so I can speak first hand to your value.

    Finding my “why” in life has been a process of change and growth. Some of it has come easily, and some of it I’ve had to white knuckle my way through.

    I do know this, when you find your “why”, you’re driven to do the things required to get you there.

    My “why” for the past decade has been to create a business that supports me and helps my clients achieve the successful home ownership.

    Other “whys” have been shorter term; getaway travel to new places, retreats for rest and rejuvenation, to a loftier goal of launching a new business to help single women learn how to buy their home solo.

    These ”whys” are the things I dream about and work to manifest in my life. Having a strong enough “why” gets me up in the morning, focused on my day, and passionate about achieving the goals ahead.

    Special thanks to you Beth for helping this solopreneur and author!


  9. Good question “Why?”. I enjoyed the post. Thanks.

  10. Hi Beth –

    A few years ago I began gathering clues from the different parts of my Life Pie (artist, small business owner, explorer, wife, sister, daughter etc etc etc) to answer “What the heck is My Why?”.

    My personal treasure hunt led me to a big Ah-Ha! Moment….and the Delight Detective sprang to life.

    My Mission is Delight! It is the essential ingredient in the art I create, and the life I lead.

    Delight Detectives excel at noticing life’s details. We believe that love, creativity, playfulness, generosity and humor are essential ingredients for inviting more Yes and Yay moments into our lives. We adore scattering sparks of inspiration and encouraging others to share their unique gifts.

    Thanks for the great question!

    In Delight and Gratitude,
    Artist and Delight Detective
    Yes and Yay HQ

    I recently found you via Alyson Stanfield and I’m thankful! You are truly sharing your gifts with the rest of us – I’m looking forward to reading your blog, and beginning my journey with Pinterest (..I just listened to the Art Biz conference call with Alyson).

  11. HI Beth! I found your wonderful blog looking for artwork inspiration similar to the image you shared with this post. I love your content, loved this post and have long been a fan of Simon Sinek’s TED talk about WHY. I’ve even read his book Start With Why.

    I’m so happy I found you, and what a crazy way to cross paths- artwork. Please check out my website too, as we do similar work it seems. Please email me privately and tell me where you found this image. I am very interested in it or something like it for an upcoming project. Cheers!! Angela

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