Want to Learn How to Write Sales Pages?

I know many of you out there are business owners as well as bloggers, and many of you may be trying to sell an online product from your website or blog. If that’s the case for you, then you may have already bumped up against one of the biggest struggles in the online marketing world – writing the dreaded sales letter. Most of us have seen those cheesy, seventeen-page letters filled with yellow highlighter and over-hyped headlines. You may be sitting there (just like I was a few months ago) wondering if maybe that was truly the only way to write a sales letter for a web audience – to be a cheesy used car salesman. And you may be sitting there thinking that maybe all that cheese really is the only way to have your sales page convert into actual SALES. Because heck, that’s what we all want, right?

Well, fret not, dear readers – Dave Navarro has come to our rescue, just in the nick of time. He’s created a fabulous hour-long (!) video that describes how to create a sales letter that won’t keep you up at night wondering if you’re actually a slimeball. Your sales letter will be one you’ll be proud to send to your readers (and your mailing list). And this sales letter that Dave will help you create will actually CONVERT into sales of whatever product you’re looking to sell.

Dave’s video (which apparently will only be up on his site for a short time) also includes a full transcript, the audio-only version of the training, a supporting workbook in PDF format, and more. Check out the whole shebang here. If you’ve been struggling with sales letters, Dave’s approach is  going to change your way of looking at online marketing – and it’s going to make the whole “sales” thing a lot more fun. Enjoy!

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  2. […] Want to Learn How to Write Sales Pages? (bloggingwithbeth.com) […]

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