Top Four Reasons to Get a Blogging Buddy

Blogging Buddies on a Coffee BreakI’m an extrovert, so I think everything is more fun with other people.  But just in case you’re not, and you need to be convinced that getting a blogging buddy is a good idea, here are the best reasons why you should:

1. A blogging buddy will give you someone you can brainstorm with, and someone who can help you sort your through your ideas. I call my blogging buddies when I’m in or rut or I’ve completely lost my blogging direction. I also email them when I have a far-out idea for a post and I’m not sure how it would go over with my audience.

2. Your buddy can link to your best posts (and vice versa) and you’ll both benefit. It’s true – we link to people we like, whether it’s an “A-List” blogger or our best blogging friend who we go to coffee with every Friday morning. Links to your blog mean traffic and more rewards from Google.

3. Blogging with a buddy is FUN. I schedule regular content writing sessions with my blogging buddy. We sit in a coffee shop, write for a few hours, then go grab dinner. It’s a lot more fun than sitting at home staring at a blank page.

4. Your buddy can keep you from feeling overwhelmed. You’re gonna have tough days as a blogger – days when you feel like you want to quit.  Maybe you’re not getting enough traffic, or not enough comments, or not enough….satisfaction. if you’ve got someone on your side who knows why you’re blogging and what your goals are, it will make you feel better. I just read in Oprah Magazine about a really cool study published recently in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. The study asked participants to stand at the base of a really steep hill and rate how hard they thought the hill would be to climb. People standing at the bottom with a friend consistently rated the ascent to be less steep compared to those standing solo. (Side note – this study can teach us huge lessons not only in blogging, but IN LIFE, my dear readers!!). Interestingly, the longer the friends had known each other, the less steep they rated the hill. So find those blogging buddies and HOLD ON TO THEM.

Convinced? Great. Look for my post later this week on the qualities you should look for in a good blogging buddy.  In the meantime, start looking around for possible friends to add to your blogging support network.

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  1. Hi Beth
    It was summer 2008 and you presented a webinar for the Case Foundation. Near the close of the hour you spoke of the usefulness of blogging. You then personally guided me into blogland helping me to navigate Google’s Blogger.
    Well thanks. I’ve kept at it and really enjoy it for a variety of reasons.

    I have just finished presenting my first ‘Blogging for Artists’ studio at the Contemporary Art Center of Virginia… it was so much fun…we’ll be offering it again this summer.
    Thanks again for pushing me over the edge into a whole new world!

  2. I would love a blogging buddy. Could I use for that? Looking forward to the next post.

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