The Art of Nonconformity

One my favorite blogs these days is little gem called "The Art of Nonconformity" by Chris Guillebeau.  His blog is all about finding your own path, starting an online business so you can break out of a 9-5 cubicle life, and international travel.  What astounds me about this guy is that everything I've read so far on his site has been TOP quality.  Well-written, painstakingly edited, and carefully thought-out.  Even the graphic design on his blog is beautiful.  Clearly, Chris is very careful about everything he puts into his online presence, and it shows.

As soon as I found his site and discovered his amazing content, I signed up to get blog updates from Chris via email.   I really, truly look forward to getting emails from him about new blog posts, and I when I do get one, I literally drop everything I'm doing to read it.  His content is that good!  If you find the subject of his blog appealing, I urge you to download and read his "Guide to World Domination".  This e-book was rocket fuel for my business motivation!

So here's my challenge to you for this week:  When you find a blog that you LOVE and follow religiously, write down everything you love about that site, and include EVERYHING, right down to what you like about the design and layout of the site.  Pay special attention to the content of the blog posts, and write down specifically why you like them.

Then apply those ideas to your own blog.  Or add them to your wish list for your future site!  You can find models for all kinds of great things when you spend time reading blogs.  Sites like "The Art of Nonconformity" are popular for a reason – what these bloggers are saying is interesting and engaging to readers.  How can you engage and interest your readers with passion and flair?

What are YOUR favorite blogs, and why do you love them?

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  1. I love that blog, too! Makes me want to travel again and to focus on those things that are really working for me, letting go of those that seem frivolous time wasters with no pay off in enjoyment or return. I’d forgotten to read it lately–I think I’ll take your suggestion and sign up for the updates.

  2. Hey thanks, Beth! I really appreciate your kind words and endorsement. Good luck with your own world domination plans.
    Wishing you well,

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