Why Blogging Isn’t Going Anywhere

About every other month or so, I have a client or a workshop attendee who asks me if blogging is a dying art. They tell me they heard from a friend of a friend or another social media expert that Facebook and Twitter are replacing blogs.

The answer is longer than I can usually give when I’m short on time and the person is standing in front of me wants a black and white YES or a NO answer.

But I have a little room here, so I’m going to pontificate.

Here’s why blogging is going to be around for a long, long time:

I want you to think about your online marketing strategy in terms of a bicycle wheel. Your website and your blog are the HUB, the center of the wheel – they hold everything together. Social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr are the spokes.

But the spokes always lead back to the hub. Without the hub, the wheel loses its center and the bike doesn’t move forward. But without the spokes, nothing will connect the hub to the outside rim, and the bike doesn’t move forward.

That’s why it is critical for anyone who is developing an online marketing campaign – whether you’re a business owner, a personal blogger or an author trying to market a book – to grow and nurture both your blog AND your social media tools. They work together.

Note: If you feel more comfortable doing so, you can mentally substitute the word “website” every time I used the word “blog”. It doesn’t matter whether you call it a blog or not, but what DOES matter is that you have a place on your site where you can consistently and easily publish valuable content for your audience. The key to success online, whether you call it blogging or not, is providing something valuable for your audience. And for that, you need a content management platform.

It turns out that WordPress, the world’s biggest content management platform, started out as a blogging tool. And it’s a fun, incredibly easy way to publish great content on your site. It’s also growing by leaps and bounds each year, as more and more people discover easy ways to use it to grow their sites and their audiences using blogging and content management tools.

So before anyone yells panic about blogging, and decides to ditch WordPress and their online content efforts, please consider this scenario:

Which is more likely to be found by the search engines two years from now – a meaty, informative blog post you write and publish today, or the Tweet you wrote two minutes ago? That’s right – the blog post wins.

Which one will be most likely to get you search engine traffic, develop relationships and encourage conversation? Probably the Tweet, right?

And you need both to make your online life sing. So when you sit down at your computer to build your platform and develop relationships with people who can move you toward your goals, please remember to nurture that bicycle – you’ll need the wheel hub AND the spokes to get where you want to go. Otherwise, you’ll just be stuck in one place…and with life moving this fast, you’ll want to be able to ride around with the wind whipping through your hair!


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Free Blogging Teleseminar!

Opportunity Ahead

I am SUPER excited about the year 2011. I’ve got so many new exciting new projects and events in the works for this year. Most of them I’m not quite ready to share the details of just yet, but I can tell you about one BIG event that’s happening at the beginning of February!

I’m thrilled that I’m going to be the special guest of rock star business coach Tommi Wolfe of Wolfe Potential for a teleseminar called “How to Boost Business with a Wildly Successful Blog (The Easy Way!)” on Tuesday, February 1st at 8:00 PM Eastern. The teleseminar is going to cover everything you need to know about getting started with blogging the RIGHT way, right from the beginning. Registration details are right here.

Tommi Wolfe is known the “The Start-Up Expert”, and her specialty is helping new entrepreneurs launch successful businesses. You can learn more about what Tommi does by reading this great Q&A with her on her website. The best thing about working with Tommi? Every time I talk with her on the phone, I always feel like I can take on the world! She’s that great!

Whether you’ve wanted to start a blog for your business and you don’t know where to start, or you just started your business blog and you’re totally overwhelmed – this is the class for you!

Here’s what we’ll talk about on this hour-long call:

  • How to get started with blogging the CORRECT way, right from the very beginning. We’ll talk about how to pick a great domain name, choose a hosting company and pick the perfect customer-attracting blog niche.
  • The biggest mistakes most bloggers make when they’re just starting out, and how to avoid them. This can save you lots of time and money later!
  • The right tool to use for business blogging, and why – learn how to quickly and easily start your blog using the best possible blogging platform.
  • …and more!

This FREE teleseminar will be held on Tuesday, February 1st at 8:00 PM Eastern (7:00 PM Central, 6:00 PM Mountain, 5:00 PM Pacific). For more a more detailed description of what we’ll talk about, and for registration information, click here.

I really hope to have you on this exciting call!

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Where’s Beth on the Web this Week

"Lenny and the Squigtones"-1979 LP cover
Image via Wikipedia

In the last two weeks, I had two cool opportunities to hang out in places outside my own blog. Fun!  Here’s where you can find me –

I was asked to do a tech segment on a brand-new radio show called Boomer Alley. This new show is the brainchild of Marc Sotkin, the award-winning Executive producer and writer of Golden Girls and Laverne and Shirley. The show is aimed at – surprise! – Baby Boomers, and it addresses issues that are important for folks of that generation. Because many of my clients are Boomers and I had never been on a radio show (sweet!!) I was more than game to be on the show. With the help of producer Sharon Glassman, we did a cool segment on a WordPress plugin that helps bloggers be gutsy with their writing and publishing

Listen to the whole show (which is fantastic, by the way) – by clicking here. and pressing the “play” icon on their little audio player. My tech segment is at the very end, around the 38 minute mark.

The WordPress plugin that I refer to on the show is called Zemanta, and it can really help you beef up the content in your posts. You write the posts, and the Zemanta makes recommendations for links, images and videos you can add to make your post more interesting. For example, in this post, Zemanta suggested the links to Golden Girls and Laverne and Shirley, above, and it also went and found that totally awesome picture and Lenny and Sqiuggy, which I added in one click. It even added the attribute!  I’m in love with Zemanta – download the WordPress plugin here, or I understand they’ve got some sort of Firefox browser tool, too, which means you can likely use it with other blogging tools! I haven’t tried that out, though, so if you try it and it works for you – let me know here in the comments!

Also – I did  a guest post for a colleague of mine, Eliana Berlfein, who is a website designer. The post is called “Top Six Reasons Every Business Should Blog“. If you’re running a business and you’re on the fence, this is an important post for you to read!

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New Look for 2010!

Hi everyone!  You may have noticed that I’ve got a brand new look!  I imported my blog from Typepad to WordPress tonight.  Whew!  I’m so glad that’s done!  And it went a lot more smoothly than I thought it would!

Wordress has a terrific import process that makes it pretty straightforward to move all of your posts, images, comments, etc. over to a new hosted WordPress blog.  This is possible from any of the other popular blogging tools – Typepad, Blogger, Drupal and WordPress.com.  It took me about five minutes to export my blog from Typepad and import it into WordPress.  Slick!

I’m still working on cleaning up some little things (including my RSS feed), so bear with me for a few days while I get the house in order.  And let me know your thoughts on the new look!

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