The Biggest, Scariest Leap of My Life

Some time in the next six months, I’m taking a HUGE leap. I’m going to quit my day job.

Many of my clients and followers don’t know this, but for the past four years I’ve been holding down a part-time  office job as an administrative assistant. I keep it for the benefits, particularly the amazing insurance I receive for an incredibly affordable rate. I will also admit that as a parent, I appreciate having a steady paycheck every month, especially when the nightly news is filled with such constant gloom and doom about the lousy economy.

But my business has now reached the point where it can’t grow any further until I can give it my full attention. I want the business to be much bigger, and I can’t grow it until I can throw my heart and soul into it, with nothing holding me back.

I’ve been saying for years that I’d like to make the leap, but I always have a ready excuse why I can’t let the job go – the bad economy, not enough cash in the bank, insurance woes, blah blah blah. Weeks turned into months and months turns into years, and still I punched the clock at the day job and wished for things to be different.

The idea of quitting my day job is terrifying. But something has shifted in me recently, and this time I know I’m going to act in spite of the fear – I’m going to quit the job anyway.

Want to know what my kick in the pants was? It was Betsy and Warren Talbot, the great minds behind the magical blog Married with Luggage. I recently finished their fabulous e-book “Dream Save Do: A No-Nonsense, Step-by-Step Blueprint for Amassing the Cash You Need to Live Your Dream.” In the book, Betsy and Warren spell out exactly how they socked away enough money to quit their corporate gigs, sell all their possessions, and go on an extended trip around the world. The book is not only practical but inspiring.

One of the coolest tips in the Talbots’ book is the idea of creating what they call “Dream Porn,” a large visual reminder of your dream. They advise you to put your Dream Porn in a really prominent place in your house, so you see it every day.

The day after I finished “Dream Save Do,” I created a giant collage of images that will move and inspire me to stick with my budget and keep doing everything in my power to live my dream. You can see my collage below – it’s hanging right above my kitchen table, and I get to eat my breakfast while I’m looking at it every morning. It moves me to take action so that I can make that huge leap.

Want to join the Live the Good Life Movement? Get $10 off “Dream Save Do” by entering the code “BETH” at checkout. Get the book. Create your Dream Porn. And get cracking.

Stay tuned here to find out more about my progress, and about some special offers I’ll be announcing between now and the end of the year in support of what I’m calling my “Free Bethy” project!

Thanks for your support!

(click on the image to get a larger version of the collage.)

Beth's Dream Collage

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