A Smart Way to Get Blog Traffic Using Twitter

Many of you have probably heard that a wildfire ripped through the area outside Boulder, Colorado on Labor Day weekend, and that 160 homes were destroyed by the blaze. The damage to the surrounding landscape was devastating, and many old and majestic trees were also lost to the fire.

One of my clients, Boulder resident Priscilla Stuckey, wrote a beautiful, heartfelt blog post on her blog, This Lively Earth, about the loss of a particular Ponderosa Pine. Then something rather surprising happened.

Priscilla’s a smart blog marketer who uses her Twitter account to promote each new blog post, so she also tweeted about her new article. Here’s her original tweet:

Priscilla Stuckey Tweet

Did you notice the way she used a hashtag (#boulderfire) in her tweet? That ensures that people who are tracking the Twitter conversation about the fire and its aftermath will read her tweet and follow the link to her moving blog post.

People did indeed find her tweet (and read her post), and her update was retweeted by several people, each of whom also used the #boulderfire hashtag.

What happened next was even better – The Daily Camera, Boulder’s local newspaper, found Priscilla’s tweet and read her blog post. They called Priscilla for an interview about her moving story, and then they ran the interview online and in the print version of the Camera on October 14th. The Denver Post also picked up the story and ran it the following day (October 15th).

The result of this flurry of publicity for Priscilla and her story? An avalanche of traffic to her blog. She doubled her previous one-day record for visits to her site.

Since Priscilla has added an option for her new readers to subscribe to her blog via email, hopefully that flood of new traffic also converted to a bunch of new subscribers!

So what does Priscilla’s story teach us about blogging and Twitter? Here are the lessons we should take away from this story:

1. Write great content for your blog. Excellent blog posts will get attention and traffic, are more likely to be retweeted, and can translate into (FREE!) media coverage from traditional newspapers and magazines. Priscilla’s blog post is beautifully written and includes compelling images.

2. If you’re using Twitter, make sure to promote each of your blog posts by tweeting about it. Include the name of the post (or some other short description) and a shortened link back to the post.

3. Be open to interviews and publicity opportunity, both online and offline.  When the Daily Camera contacted Priscilla to do an interview, she said yes! The Camera actually did a video interview with her, which may have been somewhat daunting, and Priscilla agreed to do it. It paid off in spades! Have courage, bloggers!

Congrats again, Priscilla, on being a smart blogger, and for being willing to write such a personal blog post. Your readers clearly value your vulnerability and accessibility.  And while I’ve very sorry for the loss of your special tree, I’m extremely proud of how you put yourself out there in the online (and offline) worlds.

Keep up the good work!

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Basics of Blogging Class

Basics of Blogging ClassI’ll be teaching an introductory class on blogging this week at Boulder Digital Arts in Boulder, Colorado! I’m delighted to announce that I recently joined the BDA instruction team, and this class will be my first one with them.

Here are the details:

What: Basics of Blogging Class

When: Thursday, September 2, 2010

Where: Boulder Digital Arts, Arapahoe Studio, 1600 Range Street, Suite 100, Boulder

Cost: BDA Members: $69.00, Non Members: $89.00

Here’s what we will cover:

  • What is a blog?
  • What blogging is (and isn’t) and why it’s a GREAT marketing tool for any business
  • The parts of of a blog post and why they’re important
  • How to find blogs you’ll like to read
  • How to use RSS feeds to make reading blogs and other sites easy
  • How to get started with building your own blog, including recommendations for what blogging tool you should use
  • What commenting is, why it’s important for getting involved in the blog world, and how to develop a commenting strategy

Who should take this class: If you’re interested in blogging and what like to learn more about the world of blogs, or if you’ve recently started a blog but you’d like to know more, this is a great class for you. It is a lecture-style class, but you can bring your laptop with you into the classroom if you’d like to follow along with what I’ll be doing.

Registration: Sign up for this class directly with Boulder Digital Arts.

Questions? Contact me here.

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