The Quick and Easy Way to Manage Amazon Links

There are lots of reasons you might need to share a link to an Amazon product.

Maybe you’re an author who needs to link to your book’s Amazon page on a regular basis. Or perhaps you share resources with your blog readers or email subscribers, and many of those resources are books, ebooks or CDs.

If you want to give people a quick and painless way to buy stuff online, the easiest way to do it (in many cases) is to send them to Amazon.

However you might feel about the gigantic online store Amazon (and believe me, I’ve got some mixed feelings about it myself), there’s no denying that Amazon’s website is an incredibly popular place for people to buy stuff online. Right now, Amazon sells over 200 million products in the United States, and that number will continue to increase in the next few years.

But how do you easily share a link to a product on Amazon when their URLs look like…this?=

Gah. What a mess.

Whether you’re sharing that link over email, social networking sites, text message, or even trying to tell it to someone over the phone (eek), it’s a mouthful. Amazon URLs are messy and ugly  — and even worse, it’s really easy to accidentally drop part of the URL and mess up the link entirely.

But there is a solution. There is a quick and easy way to share a simple link to ANY product on Amazon without having to do backflips in order to do it.

Just find the product you want to link to on Amazon, and go to that product’s page. That page will look like the image below.

Then, find the area on the right area of the screen that says “Share” (it will have little Facebook and Twitter logos next to it, as indicated by the big arrow below).


When you find the “Share” area, just click on the little envelope icon. You’ll see a pop-up box that looks like this:


Check out the nice, neat, SHORT link indicated by the arrow in the image above. You can use that simple URL to link to this product on Amazon. Just copy that link and paste it anywhere you want — in email, social media, or in a blog post. Anywhere you need to link to this product, use this short little link instead of the other long, ugly one.

If you regularly link to this product, you can even make a note of the URL by bookmarking or saving it somewhere on your computer. That way you will have easy access to it anytime you need it.

So now you know how to turn this:

…into this:

…any time you need to. Better, yes?

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  1. Love Love your bite sized easy to understand tips this is so helpful Beth so glad i found your website xx Greetings from the UK

  2. Does this have your affiliate link? Otherwise it looks great.

  3. Thanks a ton, Beth, this is hugely helpful! You’re a gem!

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