The Biggest, Scariest Leap of My Life

Some time in the next six months, I’m taking a HUGE leap. I’m going to quit my day job.

Many of my clients and followers don’t know this, but for the past four years I’ve been holding down a part-time  office job as an administrative assistant. I keep it for the benefits, particularly the amazing insurance I receive for an incredibly affordable rate. I will also admit that as a parent, I appreciate having a steady paycheck every month, especially when the nightly news is filled with such constant gloom and doom about the lousy economy.

But my business has now reached the point where it can’t grow any further until I can give it my full attention. I want the business to be much bigger, and I can’t grow it until I can throw my heart and soul into it, with nothing holding me back.

I’ve been saying for years that I’d like to make the leap, but I always have a ready excuse why I can’t let the job go – the bad economy, not enough cash in the bank, insurance woes, blah blah blah. Weeks turned into months and months turns into years, and still I punched the clock at the day job and wished for things to be different.

The idea of quitting my day job is terrifying. But something has shifted in me recently, and this time I know I’m going to act in spite of the fear – I’m going to quit the job anyway.

Want to know what my kick in the pants was? It was Betsy and Warren Talbot, the great minds behind the magical blog Married with Luggage. I recently finished their fabulous e-book “Dream Save Do: A No-Nonsense, Step-by-Step Blueprint for Amassing the Cash You Need to Live Your Dream.” In the book, Betsy and Warren spell out exactly how they socked away enough money to quit their corporate gigs, sell all their possessions, and go on an extended trip around the world. The book is not only practical but inspiring.

One of the coolest tips in the Talbots’ book is the idea of creating what they call “Dream Porn,” a large visual reminder of your dream. They advise you to put your Dream Porn in a really prominent place in your house, so you see it every day.

The day after I finished “Dream Save Do,” I created a giant collage of images that will move and inspire me to stick with my budget and keep doing everything in my power to live my dream. You can see my collage below – it’s hanging right above my kitchen table, and I get to eat my breakfast while I’m looking at it every morning. It moves me to take action so that I can make that huge leap.

Want to join the Live the Good Life Movement? Get $10 off “Dream Save Do” by entering the code “BETH” at checkout. Get the book. Create your Dream Porn. And get cracking.

Stay tuned here to find out more about my progress, and about some special offers I’ll be announcing between now and the end of the year in support of what I’m calling my “Free Bethy” project!

Thanks for your support!

(click on the image to get a larger version of the collage.)

Beth's Dream Collage

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  1. Terrified is a good feeling, one you need to learn to love, because it means you’re terrific. Onward in fear!!!!

  2. Congratulations, Beth! I know what it’s like to take the big plunge. You’ll do great things.

  3. not nearly as scary as not making the leap–Here’s what a former boyfriend told me when I was contemplating giving up a fully tenured professorship to become a self-employed consultant, “You owe it to yourself to exercise your desires, you owe it to your kids to be a role model of confidence, and you owe it to all the people you will help to be available.” Once you make the leap, you will open so many new possibilities.

  4. Good for you, Beth! And, yes, it has to be scary. But your talents are in great demand, so having more time to devote to what you love doing and are so incredibly good at can only be a good thing. Makes me smile to think of your talent having the space to blossom even more.

  5. You go Beth! Just do it and don’t look back – you won’t regret it for a second!

  6. SO excited for you! Yes! Take the leap!

  7. It’s courageous and exhilarating to take the leap. Congratulations on your determination to succeed. You can do this!

  8. Congratulations on your declaration. You know we’re going to keep you to it, don’t you.

    The health insurance piece is a big reason I have my job. Curious as to how you’re dealing with this. I keep thinking that maybe the health insurance exchanges might make health insurance for the self-employed more affordable. Am I dreaming?

  9. AAhhhhhh….love the dream porn.

  10. This post made me smile, Beth. Many congratulations…enjoy the great beyond!

  11. Verna Wilder says:

    Good for you, Beth!! You’re creating space for something really wonderful to unfold, and usually that “wonderful” we make space for is beyond anything we could have imagined.

  12. How many writers dream of quitting their day jobs? Uncountable. How many writers who quit their day jobs starve to death. Probably none. I believe the big writer’s organizations have group insurance. Congratulations on your courage (yes courage) and the extra time you’ll now have. Karen

  13. You already ARE living a life less ordinary! So it just makes sense that you’re going to take the plunge. Wheeeeeeeee!

  14. Free Bethy! I’m making a cardboard sign now and will be standing on virtual streetcorners campaigning for your release for the next six months. I LOVE your dream porn and that you placed it where you can nourish your spirit at the same time you nourish your body.

    You are going to rock the socks off this, Beth, and we can’t wait to see where you go with it!

  15. Way to go, Beth! I had to quit my job in June because of my son’s health and childcare concerns, and it was terrifying. I simply refused to let myself worry about it and focused on the more important stuff and on my confident self (instead of on my internal doubter). That really worked well because I am now contracting and have more work than I can handle. You definitely have more important stuff to pay attention to, as well. Plus, you have a lot of believers in you. Hope it keeps you going.

  16. Beth,

    I applaud you! I know from experience how scary these moves can be, but they really give you a chance to trust your being. Congratulations!


  17. LEAP–Leaning into Exciting and Amazing Possibilities!!!
    Go, go, go, so your kid knows that he doesn’t have to punch a clock all his life! GO so that you will never grow old regretting being hostage to fear.

  18. Beth, yours is a move whose time has come! I know this is going to work out great for you, given your amazing talents, expertise, and professionalism. I look forward to being your long-term client!

  19. Yippie!!! So glad to hear you sending it out to the world!

    That makes you already freer than you realize, the key is already in your back pocket.

    Look at what you have already build, while working! Look at the amazing support system already in place. The list of amazing clients who continue to refer you. The products you are already developing. The speaking engagements I’m fortunate to share on occasion with you!

    And, once you free yourself, you’ll find plenty of new opportunities.

    I know it is scary, I remember. Giving up the known steady paycheck and sick days is difficult. And, that dang insurance definitely makes things that much harder.

    BUT, when you do it, you’ll find you control your raises, and your paycheck becomes a lot larger. Instead of sick days, set up wellness breaks and keep yourself healthy all the time, but if you want to play hooky, just don’t schedule appointments for that day.

    Heads up: There are hot air balloon flights almost every morning of the week – you’ve seen them as you’ve driven to work, I’m sure. I used to dream of being on them, too, back in the days of working a full time job. And, since creating UniqueThink, I’ve taken two balloon rides, during business days.

    If – at first – you can’t afford to take the ride, you can simply go to the launch site and watch them take off – it’s almost as much fun to look up and see 7 or 8 balloons directly above your head. I’ve done that, too, and will meet you there any day, just give me a heads up, so I don’t schedule a client that morning, hee hee.

    And, as for insurance, that is the price of having your own company, but also the reward. It reminds you of what you’ve accomplished! You are taking responsibility for yourself. Plus, I just signed up for a group of one policy and there’s talk about doing a group policy at BDA and the designers’ group. So, by the time you are ready, we’ll be able to navigate you to the best option for you!

    Heck, why wait 6 months, you are ready now. But I’ll wait, until you notice that shiny key sticking out of your back pocket and are ready not only to free yourself, but walk proudly out of the cell/cubicle and into that brilliant company, your own company, the one you have already created with love and care.

    Focusing on the possibilities…

    P.S. Whenever you question it in the future, just come back to this page and read all the brilliant and love filled comments from your community!!!

  20. Great post, Beth! That’s exactly how I feel about copyediting.

  21. I’m so PROUD of YOU! You go, girl! Can’t wait to hear what’s next?! You have all that you need right now.

  22. Wow, good luck! You’ll be great! I know several folks in this situation and it’s killing them. Kudos for taking the leap!!

  23. Go, Beth! I was self-employed for a quarter century, and, yes, sometimes it was tough, but I wouldn’t trade a minute of it for the soul-killing that would have happened to me in a “regular” job. To do our best work, we have to do our passionate work.

  24. Congrats, Beth! That’s so exciting, and scary, I know.

    When’s your leap date? We must be sure to plan a party.

    You can do it! So proud of the business you have built to allow this to be possible.

  25. Free your mind and the rest will follow! For some reason that song came to mind when I read your blog. You have made the mental shift, now it is all a matter of placing your attention on your intentions. I am proud of you! We’ll celebrate when it happens…. and remember, you are never alone. Jolene

  26. Beth, you might also find “Quitter” by Jon Acuff to be helpful to you. Congratulations on having enough business to be able to go full time!

  27. I started my business while I was still in college (working three part time jobs… I had so much more energy then!) and I can still remember wanting everything else to be done so that I could focus on the business. And though “just” having the business is not without its challenges (sometimes it’s a little too all-encompassing), it’s been a fantastic adventure and it’s exciting to read that it’s one you’re about to embark on, Beth. I wish you a very smooth transition!

  28. Carol Haralson says:

    Congratulations Beth! I just found Betsy’s site and am now following and I also downloaded the Kindle editions of their books! I’m planning my “great escape from Corporate America”……Good luck & Bon Voyage!

    P.S. Is there a reason you don’t have dates on your posts? Since I just started following you I’m confused …. wondering if I’m commenting on a post that is really outdated or is todays post.

    • Hi Carol – Thanks for commenting! I took the dates off my posts as an experiment, to try to be more like Copyblogger (my favorite social media blog). But enough people have asked me about it that I may just put the dates back!

      Good luck with your Escape! Mine is going great!


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