How to Use Pinterest

I have a confession to make. I’m totally hooked on Pinterest.

Pinterest (rhymes with “interest”) is a social tool that allows users to create online vision boards (those cool collages you make from cut-up newspaper images and put up on your walls for inspiration) and share your collages with other Pinterest users.

Here’s how to use Pinterest:

  • Go to and request an invitation by clicking on “Request an Invite” at the top of the page.
  • When you get your invitation, create your free account (be mindful of your username – other people are going to see it!)
  • Fill out your account with some basic details about you, and decide whether or not you want to link your Facebook account to your Pinterest account – I recommend that you do.
  • Check out other people’s boards and look at what they’ve pinned to get a ideas about what people are doing with Pinterest. Rebecca Self was my inspiration when I started.
  • Most pinned images are clickable and lead back to the original web page where they were found, so you can read more about the image.
  • When you find an image you love that someone else has pinned, you can “repin” it onto one of your boards by clicking “repin.”
  • Organize your images in different categories, or โ€œboards.โ€ You can name the boards anything you want. Usually the names are based on the themes of the images on that board.
  • Connect with other Pinterest users and follow them so you can see what they pin every day. Your Pinterest home page works a lot like your Facebook home page – it’s a running feed of all your friend’s activity from the last couple of days.
  • You can get this cool little widget that lets you pin other stuff around the web. It lets you put a “Pin it” button at the top of your browser, so you can go crazy pinning all kinds of stuff!

Here’s what Pinterest is about, quoted from the Pinterest About page:

“Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite recipes.

Best of all, you can browse pinboards created by other people. Browsing pinboards is a fun way to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests.

…Our goal is to connect everyone in the world through the ‘things’ they find interesting. We think that a favorite book, toy, or recipe can reveal a common link between two people. With millions of new pins added every week, Pinterest is connecting people all over the world based on shared tastes and interests.”

Sounds pretty great, right?

Plus, it’s pretty. ๐Ÿ™‚

I like using Pinterest because it’s beautiful and positive. People post stuff that makes them happy. Or they pin pictures of beautiful rooms and furniture they’d like to buy for their houses. Or they post images of fashion that they love.

It’s GORGEOUS. And it’s a marvelous way to spend time on the Internet and connect with people.

You rarely see a Pinterest pin that says “My day sucks. My dog ran away and I totaled my car, and then my kids threw a temper tantrum.” There’s no bitching on Pinterest. It’s all just lovely images, positive thoughts, beautiful images, and love and kindness and heart.

That’s why I love it. How about you?

You can follow me on Pinterest at @bethhayden.

Note: Let me know in the comment if you’re on Pinterest, and I’ll follow you! And if you need an invitation, I can hook you up! Just leave a comment with the email address you want me to send it to, and I’ll get it in your hot little hands. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. loved your post, you are so right about what is great about Pinterest! and I am on it as well.

  2. This was exactly what I needed to get Pinterest started with the right intent and direction. Thank you for such a great post, Beth!

  3. Beth —

    I loved your free report “5 Stupid Mistakes to Avoid If You Want to Make Money With Pinterest” — thanks so much for sharing it.

    Here’s my basic clarification question: Is a “pin” an individual photo with description and a “board” is made up of several “pins”?

    I’m @ZimblerMiller on Pinterest (as I am on Twitter) although I have a long way to go in creating an effective Pinterest presence.

    Thanks for helping me get off to a good start,

    • Hi Phyllis – Yes, you are correct – a “pin” an individual photo with description and a “board” is made up of several “pins”.

      Best of luck and HAVE FUN! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I read your wonderful article on copy blogger, 56 Ways to Market Your Business with Pinterest. I have seen it around, just hadn’t taken the time to find out what it was. Thanks for letting me know! Yes, I would love to know more and plan on connecting with your blog more often.

  5. Pinterest is the best thing going for creative indulgence. Everyday I pin so many new items, I am only hoping I will able to enjoy and do or make some of the great things I have pinned, ha,ha. But I love it!
    Is is the fastest growing way for Business to get noticed too! Find me at

  6. Thanks for this article on Pinterest. I’ve been pinning for a few weeks and certainly like having a visual place to store the things I like, and I’m glad to have found your blog, through Alyson. I’d love to have you follow me on Pinterest at

  7. Thanks for the mention, Beth!

    You know, when I first started on Pinterest (just a few months after it was launched), I thought of it just a s a place to collage, dream and store things for myself… so I could work out my own Big Questions. I didn’t think of it as a marketing tool at all. Your ideas have me rethinking how I’ve approached it. THANKS!


  8. Wonderful info. thank you I’ve been waiting for the coveted (ha) Pinterest invite for a month now they confirmed my request and said someone of their staff of 20 would respond with an invite I wrote a follow up email alas I am not pinned yet. Can you please be kind enough to ‘pin me in’ (ha).

    Plus, I have a very quick question about Word Press update function … I use Word Press for my book’s website and my Blog is there too eBook on cost savings and inspiration – “Life On A shoestring … In Beverly Hills?” — yes my true tales on stretching the dollars in day-to day living as a single woman apartment dweller, living 26 years in this fab 5-star city of Beverly Hills – cost savings and inspiration I like to work on whimsical and inspirational projects in all media to help people feel and think better! I also work with Word Press to update my significant other’s website. I can navigate through my book’s website via Word Press fine and I can update etc.

    On his all of a sudden one day about 4 months ago when I type in text and press update it does not take from my computer. Odd as I do updates with my book’s website as mentioned. The Word Press forums gave no real answer spoke of possible Codex changes etc. , but again I’m using the same lap top to work with both don’t know why I can’t do it from mine and yet I can update his website from his lap top or another computer fine. So if you have the time and can shed some light I’d be grateful.
    And thank you in advance for the pin via Pinterest! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi, Christine – I sent you a Pinteret invitation – have fun!

      As for the WP issue – I’d have to take a look at it to be able to diagnose it, so I’m afraid I can’t be much help to you. The only things I thought of off the top of my head is that you might want to check what browser you’re using to update the site on his computer. Is it the same as what you’re using on yours? Is his browser the most recent version (of IE, Firefox, etc)? Or it’s possible that you might need a WordPress upgrade, but they can be tricky to do on your own. If you try it, make sure to do a full backup of your entire database before you do it. And if you’d like me to take a look further, let me know and I can set you up with some consulting time with me and my team. Good luck!

  9. Beth, I found your website through Colorado Indep. Publishers. I can’t be at the meeting on Saturday, but am learning by reading a bit this morning. I love Pinterst too! Im a writer and graphic designer in the Denver area so hope to hear more of your advice! Thanks, megan! (I’m evermeg on Pinterst)

  10. Carol Haralson says:

    adore Pinterest! I checked out your boards and am now following…you can find me at

  11. Hi Beth, Meet you at StartUp Women. Just loving your book and learning so much about Pinterest from you! It is opening up a whole new world. Looking forward to working together!

  12. Cindy Fitch says:

    Thanks for all the great information that you share. I also love Pinterest! I am @nolenurse999

  13. Beth, I am a Georgia Artist working in the mediums of watercolor, oil, and acrylic. Please visit my website and follow me on Pinterest. I will be listening in on the webinar on May 21, 2013 at 4 P.M. and have ordered your publications about using Pinterest. I look forward to hearing what you have to say about using this way of interacting with those who need paintings to add beauty to their day!

  14. Apparently Pinterest is unavoidable. I don’t know if I ever started an account or not. Probably not since I can’t find any notes to myself about it and no listing in Keepass. I know I need to do it so if you could send me an invitation before the seminar I would appreciate it.

    Thank you.

  15. Hi Beth,

    I was just on the teleseminar through Alison Stanfield. Great information! I’m on Pinterest at:

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