How to Resize Photos for Blog Posts

One of the most common questions I get when I’m training people is “How do I resize photos so I upload them to WordPress (or Typepad)?”  I just found a free online photo editor that I will recommend to my clients from now on.  It’s called Picnik, and their free suite of tools is powerful enough to resize photos by percentage (which is my preferred method), crop and rotate them, and do red-eye reduction and color adjustments. You just upload your photo and work within Picnik’s cool interface.  You can also upgrade to the premium version in order to be able to save photos, get more special effects, and have an ad-free photo editing experience.

This tool is also completely web-based, which means it works with any operating system.  Try Picnik and have fun with your photos!

How to Resize Images with Picnik

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  1. I’ll definitely give this a try – I haven’t have any issues uploading photos to WordPress. What drives me nuts is resizing photos for sites where you have to register and you can upload a photo for your profile. The profile photos usually have to be less than a certain size and since this is all part of building your online brand, you absolutely do want a photo there – just getting the right size can be frustrating. Thx again.

  2. Thanks,
    I can get the photos fine until someone clicks on them – then whoosh they are the size of four screens.
    I will get this going today.

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