How to Publish Your Blog Posts to Facebook (automatically)

I’ve had a lot of questions recently regarding publishing blog posts to Facebook. It’s quick and easy to connect your blog to your Facebook profile so that every time you publish a new blog post, it will appear on your Facebook profile automatically (and will therefore be visible to all of your Facebook friends).  This saves a lot of time and effort – you don’t have to re-post your new content every time you publish!

Here’s how to do it:

1.  Log into your Facebook account.

2.  Go to the lower left hand corner of your screen, where there’s a little Facebook logo and the word “Applications”.  Click on the word Applications.  A big menu of all of your FB applications will pop up.

3.  Go to “Notes”.

4.  You’ll be sent to a screen that says “My Friends’ Notes”.  On the right side of the screen you’ll see a box that says “Notes Settings”.

5.  In that box, click on “Import a Blog”.

6.   You will then be sent to a screen that says “Import a Blog”.

7.  Enter the full URL (including the http://) of your blog (or the feed of your blog, if you use a Feedburner feed) in the Web URL field.

8.  Check the box beneath the URL field to acknowledge that the content is yours.

9.  Then click on “Start Importing”.

10.  Facebook will show you a Preview of the content that it thinks it should publish.  Click on the “Confirm Import” button on the right side of the screen to confirm the import process.

You’re done! Facebook will now pull your most recent blog posts into your profile (it may import several at one time at the beginning).  Then from now on, Facebook will check the RSS feed of your blog automatically every 2-3 hours.  If you’ve written a new blog post, if will import it automatically into your profile as a Note.

Please note – You may only import one blog at a time using this process, so if you’ve got multiple blogs, you’ll need to pick one.

Another note – You can use this same process to import your blog into a Facebook Page (if you have one for your business).

If you would like to delete a post from the Notes area once it’s been imported, just go to Applications > Notes, then hit the “My Notes” link close to the top of the screen.  There will be delete button next to the title of each Note.

Have fun, and happy posting!

UPDATE:  Facebook has changes it’s NOTES process since this post was published, and you may need to look in a different place to find the Import settings. If you’ve checked Facebook help and are still stuck, please contact me and I’ll help you out.

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  1. Beth,
    Thanks for this. I have had my blog linked to my Facebook page for a long time, but I’ve forgotten how I did it and, therefore, have been no use to colleagues when they ask. You have made this clear and easy.

  2. THANK you – this is so helpful!

  3. Beth, Thank you, I had this very question and you’ve made the how-to very clear. One of the many things I appreciate about you is your generosity in sharing your expertise, especially on the BMW listserve. Having said that, I’d still like to sit down as a paying customer and have you walk me through these steps so I don’t screw up! ;-D

  4. Great and helpful post, Beth, thanks. In Step 4, however, I don’t actually have a “Notes Settings” area on the right side of the screen. Any ideas?

  5. Hi Stephanie – Can you get to the “My Friends’ Notes” screen? If so, click on “My Notes”, which should be right next to the words “My Friends’ Notes” near the top of the screen.
    Then look for that Notes Settings box again. Note – it’s not all the way to the right side, where the ads are, it’s in sort of the middle area of the screen.

  6. Thanks for the help, Beth. When I click on “Notes”, it gives me a page that just says “Notes” on the top. It clearly contains my friends’ notes, but the label is just “Notes.” There’s no “My Notes.” When I go to the “Notes” tab on my profile, there’s also no place to do that (but this makes me think that the application is at least enabled). Know why this might be?

  7. Thanks, Beth! Clear and concise as always!

  8. Thanks Beth. I set this up a while ago and totally forgot how I did it, and couldn’t help a friend set his up the same way. A question: is there a way to have the comments that appear after a “note” on Facebook go back to the blog? I get a lot of comments referring to blog posts I’ve written that show up on Facebook, and feel that I’m missing out on them appearing on the blog itself.

  9. Beth, this is great! And your blog is looking good. Now you just need a Tweet link so I can forward awesome posts like this.

  10. Thank you Beth. Great post! Here are a couple links that may help new readers find the path to the Import feature:

    On another note, I am building a site on negative equity issues the housing crisis that I hope will help people, and trying to get my blog to not only push into Facebook, but also have friend’s comments feed back into my blog from Facebook. Are you aware of any tools to make this happen?


  11. Great advice from Beth and everyone else. I am starting a new Facebook page for our company and was trying to accumulate some great ideas about connected blog posts, posting videos, etc. before I started it so it would be ready to roll once created. The task seemed overwhelming at first but with great tips like these it is seeming much much easier. Thanks to Sean H. for the help on finding the import feature.

  12. I tried to follow your directions but could never find note settings….I then searched Facebook Help and found this……

    Importing a blog or RSS feed to your personal Facebook account is no longer available. If you want to share your blog posts on Facebook, you can: Use Face…

  13. i tried this way butt not worked after allot of search i found that from 30 September we are not allowed to directly import our blog posts. . is there any other way kindly guide me thanks in advance 🙂

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