How to Automatically Publish Your Blog to Facebook — and Why You Should Do It Manually Instead

The question I get almost every day is “How do I import my blog into Facebook, so my blog posts automatically get published to my Facebook profile?”

Facebook used to offer an easy way to import blogs using Facebook Notes, but they discontinued that feature, leaving bloggers struggling for an easy way to import their posts to their profiles and Pages.

Enter NetworkedBlogs – a Facebook app you can use to import your blog into a Facebook profile or Page.

Here’s a great video from Facebook expert Andrea Vahl that explains how to import your blog into the NetworkedBlogs app and then syndicate it to your Facebook profile or Page. The video is a few years old, but the process is essentially the same – don’t get freaked out if some of the steps look a little different. Just keep calm and carry on.

Okay, now that I’ve told you HOW to import your blog into Facebook, I’m going to tell you why you shouldn’t actually DO it.

All evidence points to the fact that Facebook is fiddling around with things in their system, and that it has ways of hiding some content from you, while highlighting other content. Facebook is making (somewhat arbitrary) judgments for you about what content it wants you to see. These judgements seem to be based on who and what you’re engaging with when you’re logged into Facebook.

What that means for us as publishers is that we need to do everything we can to counteract Facebook’s hijinks and make sure that our posts and updates are still reaching the people we are trying to reach.

The bottom line is this – while you CAN automatically import your blog into Facebook so your posts get published automatically, you shouldn’t actually do it.

Instead, you should manually link to each of your blog posts from a status update. It doesn’t take very long – 30 seconds, max – to write a Facebook status update and paste a link to your new blog post into that update.

The reason you want to add links manually — instead of relying on NetworkedBlogs (or any other tool) — is that when you import your blog (and your posts get published to Facebook automatically) your blog posts get shared and Liked less often. A LOT less often. That means less traffic for you. Here’s an article that shows you the research to back up my advice.

So it’s up to you – you can use an automated tool, or not. I definitely choose not to. I manually publish a link to each new blog post – and that’s what I recommend my clients do, too. I think I get more traffic and more engagement because I choose to do this.

Here’s my advice – You need to make a decision that works for you and your business. You should either install NetworkedBlogs in your Facebook profile and import your blog to your profile or page, OR you should add a task to the checklist of things you do every time you publish a new post that says “Publish a link to my new blog post to my Facebook page”.

What are thoughts on this issue? Has anyone experienced a dip in traffic when they publish blog posts to Facebook with a third party app?

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  1. Thanks for this great insight, Beth. I use Networked Blogs but I also manually post my blog posts. The two look different enough that it doesn’t look like a duplicate post. I don’t know how to undo Networked Blogs and it seems that I have a little following there, but I like to add a comment to my blog posts so I post it again.

    B-School <3

  2. Thanks for the tip Beth!

  3. Hey, Beth! Thanks so much for this sage advice! By following your advice from Day 1 online, I’ve managed to build an amazing online community and I’m not about to veer off in another direction today. I’m posting to Facebook manually. It’s such a simple thing to do and, like Carla says, I’m able to add comments as I go!

  4. Beth, by god you’re right! I have been using BufferApp with Facebook because it makes it easy to post at hours when more folks seem to be online, but…I just checked and sure enough the bufferapp posts have a much lower reach. What a bummer. Thanks for calling it to our attention. Great interview on Blogcastfm, by the way. PS Did I hear a cat meow in the background? : )

    • Hey Liz – I’m glad this was useful (and very interesting that your research about your own blog backs this up, too!) And yes, you probably did hear a cat meow in the background of the BlogcastFM interview – I believe I was catsitting a friend’s little furry friend that week. And he was a talkative guy!

  5. Hi Beth – I’m going to give this a try especially since NetworkedBlogs is longer posting automatically. That being said, this morning I’m feeling particularly frustrated with technology … usually I would use Shareaholic to post to Facebook and yesterday it worked just fine (although it didn’t pick up the image); this morning it’s just showing the URL without the title of the post and it looks very unattractive. I also have the Share and Follow plugin that you do and that’s dong the same. Arrgh!

  6. Hi Beth — I’ve been using RSS Graffiti with Facebook and really love the interface. For many of my clients, they like the automatic posting to Facebook via an RSS feed and can feed different blogs to their Facebook page or pages and manage the # of posts per day as well as automatically bring in tweets to Facebook. Bummer about the lower reach. I haven’t tested that but for many of my clients, the convenience has been worth it, otherwise they wouldn’t take the time.

  7. I use NetworkBlogs and mine is still posting to Facebook. However I have noticed recently that I barely have comments posted on my page. I also post separately to my personal page updating what’s on my blog. I haven’t posted to my page in a while w/o NetworkBlogs but I’m going to try it now to see what happens.

    Interesting info. My biggest decision now is whether to stay with Blogger or switch to WordPress since I have quite a few updates to make to my blog. Any advice?

    • Hi Vicki –

      Yep, NetworkedBlogs is definitely one of the third-party apps that could potentially cause a drop in your engagement (comments, likes, etc). I would experiment with manually posting the links to your post — test it and see how it goes for you.

      And as for Blogger vs. WordPress – I’m a HUGE fan of WordPress, so I will almost always recommend doing the switch if you can. The only thing you have to be careful about is making sure that you don’t create a whole bunch of broken links when you import your blog to WordPress.

      My team can help you with the move, if you like – let me know if you’d like to talk it over. You can contact me here:

  8. Hi Beth,
    I never heard of automatic publishing of blog posts. So I’ve been doing it the way you recommended (manually) without having known there was an alternative. Now – what does that say :-).
    PS : Just got pointed to your blog by Dennis Rose – another X-alumni!

  9. Thanks for this post, Beth. I used to post my blog manually on facebook. I have been using networked blogs for some time now, but I, too, notice there are few comments. When I reposted a time or two, I received lots of comments. So I may start manually posting again.Does it not look redundant on your timeline to show both of these posts for the same blog? I use a service called Feedblitz that sends out my blog/newsletter. Would it make any difference if I set it where they posted the blog on facebook? Or would that work the same as networked blogs? I guess now, I probably should keep the networked blogs for the ones who follow that way. Again, thanks for the post.

  10. I’m thrilled that for once I’m doing the “right” thing on Facebook. Being out of the loop is suddenly hip!

  11. Great advice. I kind of knew this intuitively, but I was glad to see it spelled out. Do you think the same thing is true for Twitterfeed? Someone recently suggested that I should use Twitterfeed for one of my blogs. I always create a series of tweets announcing new posts and feed them in using SocialOomph. I think that automated tools have their place, but your post demonstrates one of the downsides. Thanks for posting it, and curious if you have thoughts on Twitterfeed.

    • Hi Marilyn – I don’t see Twitter pulling the same kinds of shenanigans with their automated tools, so I think you’re okay with Twitterfeed. I use an automated tool to post my blog posts to my Twitter followers and haven’t seen any problems with it. Thanks for the great question!

  12. Oh my goodness, Beth, you have magic timing. I JUST linked up with NetworkedBlogs because I thought it was going to make a big difference with my shares, etc., (in fact, I think I might have invited you to verify me on Facebook…) and then I see this post. Wow. So, what are your thoughts on deleting NetworkedBlogs altogether vs. leaving as is & also doing a one-line status update?

  13. Thank you for this post! I stopped using NetworkedBlogs because it was NOT driving traffic to my blog but linking to a version of my blog within Facebook APP/NetworkedBlogs platform instead. I found that people were MUCH less likely to share my content after they realized that the link they were sharing didn’t lead to my actual blog.

    • Absolutely..this is what happened to me too..I didn’t like it, and I am so FED UP with Facebook constantly changing things around once I have sorted it want people to see your blog not their version of it! Off it comes!

  14. Wow, I can’t believe there are NO DATES on this blog post or on the comments. Tough to tell how old this topic is or how it might pertain without a frame of reference. Still, your points are well taken and I will be investigating all options further so I can be sure to attempt to choose the best of them all.

  15. Beth – I too am interested to understand why there are no dates on the comments (or posts). How does a visitor know what is current, particularly with S Media which is changing all the time. I’d be interested to know why you leave them off?

    On the question of Facebook, my take is that it’s a social platform and therefore you should be present to be social. Yes it takes time and effort, but setting aside 5 – 10 mins each day should do it. Oh, and not trying to cover all the SM platforms.
    Having said this, with FB changing things around, that’s why so many people are cross because they have invested time in building up a fan base and then it appears that FB are changing the goal posts.

  16. Hi Beth, I think the way you summed up your post highlights exactly what people should do. I believe it entirely depends on where you are with your website in terms of a beginner with a million things on your checklist as opposed to being advanced where you’ve probably got most things under control and are now monitoring/tweaking things for better performance.

    The element of automation is what entices a lot of people to operating online which is now finding it’s way into the offline world too.

    I’ve personally used and recommended LinksAlpha for publishing to online platforms, just not sure how it works with Facebook’s constant new changes.

  17. Hey Beth. Thanks for the great explanation. I was all busy trying to figure out how to do this and now you’ve convinced me not to!

  18. Beth, I was considering going back to automatic posting from my blog to Facebook, but this talks me out of it. I need all the exposure I can get with having a newer blog. I use the NetworkedBlogs app for a tab on my FB page, but I also post to my wall manually. Thanks for the info!

  19. after Facebook removing its notes app i was wondering how to auto post them in my fb page.. thanks for the help..

  20. Will it work for blogger also ?

  21. So how do I undo networked blogs. Any thoughts?

    • Hi Mike – If you’re sure you want to undo it entirely, I would uninstall the Networked blogs app. When you’re on your page, click on “Edit Page” then click on “Apps” to see what you’ve got installed. Good luck!

  22. Beth – OMG!! So glad I stumbled upon your blog as I have pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to do this, and totally confused as to why it’s not easy (blog post showing on FB page) but now I feel much better and will just do a link. whew!! thanks for your great post!!

  23. I am so glad I hit upon this post, thanks Beth. I have been obsessing about getting my posts to link automatically but now I think you have hit the nail on the head. I am VERY new at this and am learning a lot..I think I have a problem in posting manually to my Facebook page…with a link, the wrong post automatically comes up and it looks as though I am repeating myself..sigh! not sure why, any ideas?

  24. I can see your point about posting manually but I also like that we have a tab on our fan page labeled BLOG so people can see some of the older blogs. Is that possible if you do it manually? The fan page is
    Also all of a sudden Networks Blogs is not posting my blogs to Facebook. I wonder why.

  25. Does anyone have a suggestion of an freeware or paid Ap that will allow me to post my original content to multiple blogger blogs. I have more than 100. I don’t want the autogenerating crap posts Aps, I want one that will let me post my own original content to more than 1 blog or a hundred blogs at the same time or over a period of time.

    Qumara appears to be discontinued and Blogjet does not respond to my presale inquiries. As there is a lot of work in learning and setting up, I would rather know it will do what I want it to do before I waste the time and effort of learning and imputting the information.

    Thank you for your time.

    Email me at with “AUTO POSTING” in the subject line please.

    • Don – I *strongly* suggest that you do not double-post content on multiple blogs. When you do that, Google will stop indexing the sites that have duplicate content, and you will stop getting search engine traffic. I would focus on just creating good content that gets published on ONE site (and if you want to continue running multiple blogs, just make sure you have unique content on each of the blogs.) Good luck!

  26. I’m not a fan of anything automatic when it comes to social media. I prefer to hand pick and post the links as I choose them. I have unfollowed people who auto post their blog feed. Not every post is a winner – or of interest to me. It’s too easy to fall into using social media as an automaton. I never follow someone who doesn’t have personal conversations ongoing in their Twitter feed. Why would I want to follow a robot feed?

  27. Thanks so much for this information. You’ve helped me a great deal and I tried posting a couple manually before posting this comment. I agree with you – manually posted is so much better…

  28. Thanks a lot Beth, I was just coming here to import my blog….but your advice changed my mind to do it. Now i’ll publish my post manually.
    Thankyou once again

  29. I am such a newbie that it’s pitiful. But still I push on! 🙂 I have been blogging for…oh…about 3 days now. So I put my link on FB manually, and it did seem to work better. However, the cover picture won’t change on FB. Once you go to my blog, you see the updated cover picture. It’s very bizarre. Any thoughts?

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