How to Master Email Marketing in 30 Days

Email KeyboardWant to know the marketing technique that has made the biggest difference in my business over the last three years?

It’s not Facebook. It’s not Twitter. It’s not in-person networking or focusing on getting more referrals from current clients. Those are all great marketing techniques, and they can work wonders when used consistently.

But the marketing tool that has changed my business – and my life – is email marketing.

When I started paying attention to growing my mailing list and nurturing that list by sending out great content every month, that’s when my business began to really explode. Now I am booked solid every month, and I’m changing my business model to include group coaching programs so I can teach groups of people instead of only focusing on one-on-one coaching.

My business has grown and grown and GROWN over the last year, and now it’s expanded so much that I have to figure out ways of working smarter to be able to teach more people. That’s really, really cool.

I’m using email marketing, and it’s working.

Now I want to share my knowledge with you. I’m passionate about teaching business owners how to grow their business using technology, and I know that email marketing is one of the best online marketing tools out there.

So in the spirit of sharing everything I know about email marketing – from the beginning steps to really advanced techniques – I’m doing a special email marketing course in June, and it’s going to be awesome.

The course lessons will all be on a private class blog, and you will NOT need to be online or on the phone on certain days or specific times. You’ll complete the lessons at your own pace.

Want to hear more? Click here to get all the details. I hope you join us – this class is going to be amazing, and it will help you become an email marketing ninja in 30 days. Click here to learn how.

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  1. Will you have more classes coming up, soon?

  2. Hey Ally – I will be turning this email marketing class into a downloadable product soon – should be available by the end of the month. Or if you’re interested in learning how to use WordPress to create a great website or blog, you can also check out my Quick and Easy WordPress School.

  3. Hi Beth,

    Totally agree with you here… Social media traffic is great but it’s often shallow traffic. What I mean is, sometimes, people will blindly RT an article and/or click on a link. But they won’t really dive into the content.

    With e-mail on the other hand, those people have opted in to hear what you have to say. They’re more likely to read, engage and connect with you over your ideas. And when they share something, they do so willingly and with purpose.

    Any business owner would benefit from building an email list early on and continuously working hard to grow that list!

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