How to Link to a PDF in a WordPress Post

Want to learn how to upload a PDF to your site and then link to it in a WordPress page or post? Here’s a little tutorial that explains how to do it.

This process is great for things like order forms, client intake questionnaires or contracts – anything you want your readers to be able to open and download directly from your website. And it works not only for PDF documents, but Excel, Word, audio files – you name it!

You can click on the little “full screen” button in the lower right corner of this player to get a larger version of this video (you can see all the little details that way!)

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  1. HEY!!!!!! Thanks so much for posting this little jewel right here! This is so helpful – the info AND the fact that it’s right here for me to access any time (EVERY time) I forget and need to be reminded! Thank you thank you!

  2. Great tutorial! And thanks for the Knowledge Market call, that was awesome! And your list of things you use in practice, that’s super helpful as well (no ability to comment directly there so I’m cluttering this post). But really I wanted to say that it is thanks to awesome folks like you that newbies like me can really have the confidence to get their feet wet, knowing that there is a wide world out there of knowledge and support. I just finished my WP site and I think I would have quit if I didn’t have so much at my fingertips. Keep up the good work!

  3. Nice video tutorial Beth, I’ve linked to documents like .PDF’s before but never used the media library to upload them before. It’s a nice tip and keeps us from uploading via FTP.

  4. Thanks, Brian! I like this trick for my clients because a lot of them don’t feel comfortable using FTP uploading, and anything I can do to simplify things for them is a good thing! 🙂 Thanks for your comment and I like your blog!

  5. Hi beth … That’s really great Thanks so much …. but a questions :::

    what’s your newsletter plugin?

  6. Thanks Beth, worked like a charm. Had a few difficulties with some files though: “won’t be able to upload for security reasons” but when I changed the file name it worked again. Greetings from holland!

  7. I am constantly learning new ways to use WordPress, and I love it! Thanks for this! XO

  8. Thank you so much for posting this video. Helped me a ton.

  9. Beth,
    Thank you for posting this content. Very useful. I just forwarded your video to a person looking to post a pdf. Nice blog BTW.

  10. So helpful. THANK YOU!

  11. You are the BOMB! Thank you!!!

  12. THANK YOU!


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