How to Install the New Facebook “Like” Button

If you read blogs, you’ve probably been seeing a special little button lately.  It’s called the Facebook “Like” button, and it looks like this:

Why do you need to pay attention to this little button if you’re a blogger? Because Facebook can be an incredible source of traffic to your blog, if you play your cards right and integrate Facebook tools into your site.

Let’s talk about the two ways you can use the Like button –

1.  You can make a Like button available so that your readers can like/subscribe to your entire blog. Normally this button would appear in the sidebar of your site, most likely as a widget of some sort.  When a reader Likes your blog using this type of button, they are essentially subscribing to future updates of your blog, and new posts written by you will appear in that person’s Facebook feed. That can mean more traffic from you, because your new posts will appear in front of that reader in Facebook, rather than them having to return to your site to look for new posts.

Here’s how that widget would look in the sidebar of your site (this screenshot is from author Cathie Beck’s site)

2.  You can also create a Like button that appears at the footer of each post on your blog, so that your readers can Like individual posts. This Like action will appear on their Facebook profile, so that your reader’s Facebook friends will see your post in THEIR Facebook feeds.

Confused? Need an example?

Let’s say that you run a website called (we should all be so lucky, no?) and one of your readers (Beth) reads this post.

When Beth is done reading, she finds the “Like” button at the end of the post, and clicks it.

Once she has “liked” the post, this is what would appear on Beth’s Facebook profile:

All of Beth’s friends are going to see that she Liked this post – it’s going to show up in all of her friend’s Facebook feeds – so any friends of Beth’s might look at the post and say “Hey, that’s sounds interesting! Let’s click on that and see what this is all about.” They click on the live link and read your fabulous blog post. Viola! More traffic!

Typepad has published a tutorial on how to install both versions of the Like button (see links, below), and in that tutorial they mention that Typepad has seen a huge rise in traffic since they installed this feature a few weeks ago. If you’re a blogger and you haven’t installed a Like button, take a few minutes and do so now – or email these instructions to your tech guru and have her do it for you. You will see an increase in your traffic.

Here’s how to install it on the three big blogging platforms: (self-hosted WordPress) plugin (you will need to install and activate this plugin)

Typepad instructions

Blogger instructions

If you are looking to grow your number of visitors this is a simple way to do it. And the best part is that you can literally “set it and forget it”. You can install this plugin or widget and then just go on with your blogging – no fuss, no muss, and a great source of ongoing traffic to your site.

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  1. Thank you! Totally helpful information, as usual! Will set this up on my blog. (And, um, maybe get some fresh posts up there too.)

  2. Thanks, Beth! I had the Like button on the sidebar but not in my footer. Thanks for pointing the way; these little pieces make a big difference!

    Keep sending these helpful emails!

  3. Hi, Beth,

    could you explain how to get it into the sidebar? I can’t figure that out from the WordPress settings.

  4. Just found your blog through the BlogFrog. Awesome post, helpful tip I’ve already applied. Thank you!

  5. Thank you Beth. I got your name from a WP panel on WP tv. I just installed “LIKE” in my blog but I only have it display at the top of posts, pages, etc. since I already have “SHARE AND FOLLOW” installed and it has a bunch of buttons on the bottom of posts, pages. Do you recommend LIKE over Share and Follow?

    • Hi Toni – I actually like to use both the Facebook “like” button and the Share and Follow (or Sociable plugin), because they work differently. The Facebook Like button lets your readers publish your post directly to their Facebook profiles, which is really powerful and important! But it’s important to give your readers the opportunity to share your post in other ways, too (Twitter, email, etc). Thanks for your comment!

  6. Thanks Beth! I tried this on my kids’ photo blog and it suddenly sent a bunch of traffic over to one post. I wonder if it’s possible to put this in an email footer too?

  7. I did it! I have a LIKE button on each post now. Thanks!

  8. Great tip, Beth — thank you! I just put it on my blog. Now I need to learn to install the “Tweet this” button … Thanks again for such valuable information.


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