How to Get a Pinterest Business Account

Pinterest recently made an exciting announcement – they have added new business accounts for pinners who want to market their companies with Pinterest!

You can convert your current personal account over to a business one, or you can start a brand new account as a business.

It’s easy to convert your account – just go to Pinterest’s new business center and click on “Convert My Account.” Or to create a new business account, click on “New to Pinterest? Join as a business.”

Your business account won’t actually look different than a regular Pinterest one – your boards and pins will still look exactly the same.

So why would you want a Pinterest business account?

Business users on Pinterest have access to case studies and best practices for Pinterest marketing success, including advice on building your community and getting more traffic to your website from your pins.

Pinterest also gives business account owners some new buttons, badges and widgets for their websites and blogs.

With the creation of business accounts, Pinterest is now providing resources that were created specifically to help businesses succeed on its network. What that means is that they recognize that businesses have special needs on Pinterest, and they are trying to provide targeted, helpful resources to help businesses thrive as pinners.

Pinterest’s dedication to brands and businesses on Pinterest is a signal that the company is going to continue making improvements to the way its platform works for businesses. That means a host of exciting new feature releases will likely be coming down the road.

If you do choose to convert your account, make sure to read over the new business Terms of Service before you commit – they are different than the regular Pinterest TOS.

So take a look at Pinterest’s new business accounts today, and decide if you’d like to convert your current personal account (or start a new one). If you decide to convert, take a look through the new business best practices and case studies and learn something new about how to create a thriving community on Pinterest! Then share your experiences in the comments below, and let us know how the move went for you!

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  1. Hey, Beth! This is really interesting! Does this mean that you have set up a separate business page on Pinterest for your own business? And, if so, did you completely separate it from your personal page or is there overlap?

    • Hi, Tamara! I’m going to convert my current Pinterest account to a business one, but I haven’t done it yet. I do have some person stuff on my current account, but I don’t mind sharing that with my business folks – it just helps them get to know me better! 🙂

  2. Beth – thanks for posting this. I signed up for my Pinterest account using my name but I had primarily been using it for my pottery business. At one point, I thought about opening a second account using the business name be decided it would be too much to maintain two accounts. Just converted my personal account to a business one – very easy and straightforward process.

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