Grammar Goofs!

Copyblogger recently published this entertaining infographic spotlighting some common grammar mistakes. Lots of writers and bloggers make these goofs on a regular basis. Are you guilty of any of these? Are any of them major pet peeves of yours, when someone else makes them? Or are there any common grammar mistakes you think they missed? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly
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  1. I can’t find your e-mail, so I’ll put it here.

    I was reading this page and I like it a lot because these are always my own pet peeves when reading. About halfway through I got a popup to sign up for your newsletter. Since I liked what I was reading, I signed up. Then the page changed. Since I hadn’t finished reading this one I hit the back button. When I finished, I hit the forward button, but the page was no longer there. I have no idea what was on it or if I needed to do anything. I don’t know what I missed (maybe something free?). The pop-up is OK (not great), but it should open another page.

    And btw, I stopped by via a link on Art Camp for Women.

  2. I definitely had number two on my website for quite a long time…

  3. Thanks for this! I always have to stop and check “its” and “complement/compliment” the ones that I see all the time and bug me are “your” for “you’re” and “lose” for “loose.” Useful post.

  4. Hi Beth,
    The infographic is classic and full of mistakes that I had made before. I still get confused with commas and semi-colons though. I have a WordPress plugin that checks the grammar in my posts. It makes my life a lot easier. 🙂

    • I hear you, Justin – I avoid semicolons like the plague! Never did understand where to put those little bugggers!

  5. My pet peeve is “off of” … the “of” is not needed …

  6. My pet peeve is then/than. It’s (or is it “its”…ha! just kidding) pretty common for people mix it up, and I always just want to correct them.

  7. Writers misuse this one all the time. It is never “For Free.” For is a preposition that requires a noun for an object. Free is an adverb that is never an object. Simply say “Free.” And I will thank you.


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