Get Online Marketing Help from Dave Navarro – for only $20

I’ve learned *so* much from Dave Navarro (the Launch Coach) over the past few years. He’s taught me how to write a sales letter, how to build my mailing list, and how to get more done every day.

I’ve purchased a number of his products and have never been anything but completely blown away by the quality of his stuff and the caliber of the information he’s teaching. I can honestly say that at least two-thirds of what I’ve learned about online marketing in the last few years has come directly from Dave.

As of Monday, Dave will be working exclusively with Naomi Dunford of Although I am disappointed that Dave won’t be sending his incredibly useful Launch Coach emails any more, I’m excited to see what he and Naomi cook up together. I think the two of them will be a really powerful combination.

To get ready to shut down his Launch Coach website, Dave has put all of his training programs on sale at a truly incredible rate. If you move quickly (you’ve only got until midnight this Friday night) you can get all eight of his incredible training programs for $20. Twenty bucks, folks. But after this Friday, these programs will be never be available for sale again!

His programs are like a masters degree in online marketing. Here’s what you’ll get in this toolbox:

  • Creating Products that Sell
  • Building a Responsive List
  • High-Coversion Sales Page
  • Mastering Your Sales Funnel
  • Optimizing Your Blog for Sales
  • Becoming Incredibly Productive
  • Becoming a Big Player in Your Niche
  • Getting Affiliates to Sell for You

I put the suggestions from Dave’s  “Building a Responsive List” course into action, and those changes are the main reason I have thousands of people on my email mailing list today. Dave’s stuff is like rocket fuel for your business.

I urge you to invest in your online business and buy these training programs before they disappear.

Please note that I’m not an affiliate for the Launch Coach, so I don’t make a dime if you buy these programs. I would just love to see all of you succeed, and I think Dave’s work can help you do that if you put his suggestions into action with your business.

Again, here’s that link to buy. Make sure you make your purchase before Friday at midnight.

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  1. I’ve tried on 4 different blogs to purchase this ebook and none work…is it still available?

    • Justin – Dave merged his business with Naomi Dunford of a few years back. I don’t know if this might still be available, but you can write to the Ittybiz support team at IttyBiz ( and ask them. Good luck!

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