Six Ways to Get More Pinterest Followers

Gorgeous pins from photographer Trey Ratcliff (click on the image to go to his Pinterest profile).

One of the main questions I get from people who are trying to use Pinterest for marketing their business is “How do I get more followers?”

Well, here’s the deal — building a Pinterest following does take time, so you will need to have a little patience. But if you want to take some steps toward actively building your following, here are six quick ideas:

1. Consistently post interesting content. If you pin a couple of great things a day, you will get more followers. People will start to see you as the go-to expert in your niche. So think about what your target audience would enjoy (think entertaining, educational and interesting content), and pin lots of stuff from different sources.

2. Comment on pins posted by people who aren’t following you. Target some interesting people (especially ones who share your target audience) and comment on their pins. Comment with interesting discussion points or conversation starters, instead of just saying, “Nice image!”

3. Join collaborative boards. When people invite you to co-pin on collaborative boards (and the topic of the board is interesting to you), say yes! Joining collaborative boards and posting on them regularly will help put your pins in front of a substantially larger audience — which can help you build your following.

4. Follow other pinners. If you follow 5-10 people every week, a substantial portion of those folks will follow you back. And you choose those pinner strategically (and pick people who pin cool stuff) you’ll get more interesting content to re-pin from your Pinterest home page.

5. Find out who’s pinning images from your website, and thank those people! To see who’s pinning from your site, go to:[yoursitehere]. Make sure to drop the http:// and www and JUST use your domain name (for example, Check out Copyblogger’s source page if you want to see an example from Pinterest. When you see that someone is pinning from your site, leave a comment on that pin and thank the pinner! They will often follow you back (they already love your stuff, right?)

6. Regularly tell your blog readers and your email subscribers that you’re on Pinterest. The Container Store recently joined Pinterest, and sent out a special email to their entire list that announced their new Pinterest presence. They’ve already got over 11,000 followers — so we know their email announcement worked like a charm! 🙂

The key to developing a large Pinterest presence is taking small steps (every day, or every week). If you keep putting in consistent effort, you will see results!

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  1. Haven’t really seen much results with Pinterest…but this was some great info!

  2. Thanks for the tips! Definitely things I will start to put into motion. My big question is how do I turn my followers on Pinterest into subscribers to my newsletter, or better still, buyers of my art.

  3. Hi Beth:

    Great article.

    I tried the url you gave for checking to see who re-pinned my pins.

    I know that people are re-pinning, but all I get are the pins I re-pinned myself. What am I doing wrong?

    Than ks in advance, Roz Fruchtman

  4. Really working tips. Let me share an experience. By reading another tips I started using keywords with hash tags into my pin descriptions. I got an outstanding result. Some of my pint go up to the search results as google. It also get ranked to the pinterest search result! So I started to get targeted users and followers. It promoted my profile so much.
    Thanks for your tips @beth hayden.

  5. Great information! Very helpful! I started using Pinterest for the pure fun of it, but now i ‘m promoting my blog and the business in pinterest.Pinterest is my target market, so I am trying to capitalize on it!

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