Expert Blog Critiques

I know you’ve got goals with your blog – a certain number of visitors you want to get, a product you’d like to sell, or a book proposal you’d like to send out. Or maybe you’d like to quit your day job and be able to support yourself with your online business! You want to make sure you’re doing the right things to move toward those goals.

When I review your blog, I will examine it against your business goals, and I’ll give you an action plan to make sure you’ll be taking active steps to reach your goals.

“I’ve been blogging for three years now, and while there are a lot of resources available for new bloggers, there aren’t as many resources for established bloggers. Hiring Beth for a one-one consultation was invaluable. She gave me a sense of what I am doing well, what could be improved upon, and valuable suggestions for developing content that is easy to post, interesting for readers, and serves my business goals. After our conversation, I had a map for things to work on and I’m excited about it. A one-on-one consultation with Beth is a worthy investment that will pay off manyfold.” — Cynthia Morris, Creativity Coach and Mentor

Your review will address every area required to run a successful website or blog. I’ll assess and make recommendations on the following areas:

  • Maximizing the value from first time visitors
  • Content
  • Traffic & SEO
  • Analytics
  • Design & Usability
  • Community & Loyalty
  • Social Media
  • Marketing
  • Trust & Conversions

“I want to again thank Beth Hayden for 
all of the time and effort she spent in working with me on my blog. She is indeed the Blog Goddess, and it was such a pleasure 
working with her. She talked me through various bouts of panic, self- doubt, and manic re-editing. She had the patience of a saint with me. Maybe we should 
call her Saint Beth of Blog; Patron Saint of Nervous Newbies.” – Andi O’Conor, Speaker Coach

How it works:

  • After payment, you’ll receive an email from me that includes some questions about your site. I’ll ask about your site address, your business goals, how long you’ve been writing your blog, whether you’d like your critique to be public or private, etc.
  • I’ll reply with any questions I have and a delivery date for your review
  • I’ll conduct your review and provide you with my recommended action plan in PDF format

What you get with your paid critique:

  • I’ll check your blog in nine areas that are crucial to running a successful online business
  • My assessment and action plan for your blog (in public or a private report)
  • Public reviews get a review in a post on my blog (which gives you an SEO boost and traffic from that post)
  • Private critiques receive the results in a emailed PDF document containing the review and my proposed action plan
  • All critiques include a 30-minute follow-up discussion via phone/Skype to clarify and explain the advice and points made so you can be sure your improvements are on the right track

What to Do Next:

Your Expert Blog Critique is available for a limited-time price of $299. I have 10 critique spots each month – after those spots fill up, I’ll start booking spots for the following month.

Pay for your critique using the Buy Now button below, and we’ll email you everything you need to get started.

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