Congrats to Andi O’Conor, Award-Winning Blogger!

Westword Award LogoCongratulations are officially in order for one of my recent clients, Andi O’Conor, who won the Westword Web Award for Best Personal Blog of 2010 for her blog, Burning Down the House. Andi lost her home in September’s Four Mile Fire in Boulder, Colorado. Nominations for the Web Awards were reviewed by a panel of judges as well as the Westword editorial staff. Click here for photos of the awards ceremony and a full list of winners.

In October, Andi and I worked together to create a beautiful WordPress blog for her so that she could publish her poignant, moving essays about loss, love and life. Andi’s blog has caught on quickly, because anyone who has been through a wrenching loss can relate to her experience, and her blog audience is growing larger and larger each month. Some of Andi’s blog posts quite literally take my breath away.

Here’s a review from the Westword judges:

“A touching, incredibly well-written blog by a woman whose house has burned down twice — once at the age of twelve and again in the Four Mile Canyon fire earlier this year. No persona, just enthralling entries from a rare perspective.”

Andi, I’m honored to have been a part of your incredible blogging journey. Thanks for letting me build you an online house to write in!

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  1. Thanks Beth! You’re the best, and I wouldn’t have, couldn’t have, done it without you. My award is your award – I mean that.

  2. And congrats to YOU, Beth, on launching an award-winning writer and blogger! Andi reports you were patient, kind, and full of creative ideas.

  3. And you, Beth, were instrumental in helping Andi get her writing into blog form so that people everywhere can read it. Thanks for your contribution too!

  4. Congratulations to you Andi, an incredible account of rising above tragedy and loss. It is amazing what blogging, internet, and video can do for those with such a great story to tell. One of our clients used a blog-style website to tell her story of a tissue expander breast reconstruction after a double mastectomy. She has touched so many lives in the past five year, speaks to audiences around the world, and published a book and videos with illustrative and educational images of the process as a means of helping women cope with breast cancer and reconstruction. Check out to see her story.

    Thanks to all the incredible people like Beth who help us make these things happen! Keep blogging, writing, and sharing!

  5. Hey, Beth! Congrats to you and Andi! How cool is this?!

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