Why Work with Me?

1.  When you work with me, you get to customize your site.  We can add your photo(s), move things around in the sidebars, pick from a ton of different designs, and have it look exactly the way you want it to look.

2.  Using blogging software, we can build you a dynamic site that will be easy to add to and expand, so when you’re ready to add pages or posts, it’s easy to do.  You can also add video and audio content, and it’s easy!  Updates are also MUCH easier – no messing around in HTML or waiting for weeks and weeks for a Webmaster to answer your phone call every time you need to make a change.  YOU are in charge of your own site. 

3. I can help you track how much traffic you get on each page of your site.  I’ll be able to tell you how long people are staying on each page, and you’ll always know which pages are interesting to people and which ones aren’t working.  You will also know exactly what keywords people are searching for that bring them to your site, so that you’ll know what people need and want from your site.  I’ll help you ask (and answer) questions about whether you’re satisfying that need, or whether you need to add/fine tune your content.

4.  I’m a superior writer and editor, and I am known as a content expert.
Make sure people keep coming back to your site by posting relevant,
original content. 

5. I can make it easier for the search engines to find you.  I know quite a bit about Search Engine Optimization, and I know the tricks to get Google  and other search engines to notice and index your site.

6. Need a completely customized design?  I have expertise in Photoshop, and I can design gorgeous custom banners that we can easily add to your site.  If you’ve got photos that need to be resized or cropped, I can do that quickly and easily.

7. Need to get the word out about your site using a Podcast?  I can help you create interesting and dynamic podcasts, integrate them into your site, and market them using the latest techniques.

Contact me today at bethhayden@mac.com or 303.888.4999 to learn more about how I can help you build an interesting, useful online presence.   

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About Me

I'm Beth Hayden, and I'm a blogger, internet junkie, and all-around geek living in Colorado.  I think blogs are one of the greatest trends in technology the world has ever seen.  I love to help people learn about how to make better use of the internet for fun, work and anything they're interested in!  Teaching technology is one of my greatest passions, and I'm never happier than when a student of mine says "Oh….I get it!" As a freelance writer, I've been published in magazines like Rocky Mountain Sports and Delicious Living, and I'm known for a clean, readable writing style that's accessible and flexible for any type of media (online or traditional). I've been know to yell, "I LOVE TECHNOLOGY!" out loud while working on a fun project, and my passion is contagious. Examples of projects I've been involved in:

Werner Paddles Blog (in conjunction with TONIC Marketing)

The Way of the Happy Woman

Women with Money Moxie

Ronald C. White, Jr.

Student Coach

For more information about workshops or services, contact me by calling 303-888-4999 or emailing me at beth@bloggingwithbeth.com. 

Also, check out my list of classes and downloadable products (this link goes to my other site, Basics of Blogging). 

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