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Corinne McKay took my “Promoting Your Book Using Social Media” class last year, and it convinced her to start a blog to promote her book, How to Succeed as a Freelance Translator.  She subsequently launched a terrific blog called Thoughts on Translation.

She writes timely, relevant content for translators and other freelancers, and publishes approximately twice a week.  Her posts also spark terrific conversations, which you can read in the comment section of each post.  This article on Diversifying your Income Stream received 17 comments:

Corinne McKay Photo“Happily, most successful translators are good candidates for
branching out beyond translation. If you’re running a successful
freelance business, chances are that in addition to being fluent in at
least two languages, you’re a good or excellent writer in your target
language and you’re reasonably tech-savvy. All of these are good
starting points for a sideline venture.”

Corinne also says that starting her blog is the best thing she’s done for her business, and for promoting her book. She has now started a new podcast for translators called Speaking of Translation.

Great work, Corinne!

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