Want More Traffic for Your Blog or Website?

Does this sound familiar?

  • You’re a smart, motivated person.
  • You’ve got a great message to share with the world, and you write about that message on your completely awesome blog or website.
  • You can’t figure out how to reach people with that message, because you’re not getting enough traffic to your site.
  • You work hard and you want to learn, but it’s hard to figure out exactly what to do and how to do it. Getting more traffic seems like a giant, elusive mystery.
  • You need some help figuring out what to do.

You’re definitely not alone.

“How do I get more traffic?” is the number one question I hear from bloggers and entrepreneurs. Everyone wants more traffic to their site.

Hi, I’m Beth Hayden.Beth Hayden

I help bloggers and small business owners make more money and break out of social media overwhelm by helping them create web marketing systems that really work.

I’m an expert in blogging, internet marketing and social media, and I’m passionate about helping people. I also have a special knack for explaining things in simple, easy-to-understand ways.

Not getting traffic to your site is really frustrating.

I totally get it.

There are secrets that you can learn (and tips you can use) to make the process easy and even fun.

When you have a plan for attracting more traffic, things will get easier.

You can stop struggling and feeling annoyed and frustrated and ready to quit. You’ll start having fun with your blog again.

And that’s what I want for you!

Here’s how Beth’s Blog Traffic School works:

  • You’ll get a lesson every Monday in June (starting June 4th.) The course will run for four weeks.
  • Lessons will be a combination of videos and e-book PDFs.
  • You’ll get access to a private, password-protected class page where you’ll find all the lessons, handouts, worksheets, checklists, and other helpful resources.
  • You get lifetime access to the course materials, so if June is a super busy month for you and you’d rather access the lessons later this year, that’s fine!
  • Each lesson will end with an action plan for you, so you know exactly what to do next.
  • We’ll also have access to a private Facebook community where we can all support each other.

The lessons will walk you through all the steps you need to give a huge boost to your blog traffic. Then you just have to put those steps into action.

By the end of the course, you’ll have a plan for the next three months that outlines how you will promote your blog and start building real traffic to your website. You’ll be able to start making real changes.

Beth’s Blog Traffic School Course Outline

Lesson 1: Targeted Traffic, and How to Write Content that Attracts Traffic

During this lesson, we’ll set the foundation for the rest of the course. We’ll cover:

  • How to figure out the kind of traffic you want to attract
  • How you can reach out to niches outside your own to reach your target audience
  • How to write content that attracts traffic, gets passed around on social media, and sets you up for more traffic long-term
  • How to write killer headlines for your posts

Lesson 2: Guest Posting

Guest posting is absolutely, positively the BEST and FASTEST way to build an audience for your blog or website. In this module, I’ll teach you my system for getting guest posts with popular bloggers.

Here’s a little secret – earlier this year, a guest post I wrote for a popular blog led directly to a book deal with a major New York publisher. I want to teach you how to get guest posting gigs, because it’s gonna work miracles for your blog.

In the section, we’ll learn:

  • How to find blogs you want to guest post on – including blogs outside your regular niche
  • The secret to finding endless blogs to approach for guest posting spots
  • The homework you need to do before you approach a blogger about a guest posting gig
  • Exactly what you should say when you approach a popular blogger about a guest post on their blog
  • What to do when you get a guest posting spot
  • How to use guest posting to get hundreds of Twitter followers
  • This module also includes checklists of things to do before, during and after your guest post spot!

Lesson 3: Using Pinterest to Drive Traffic

Pinterest drives more referral traffic to websites and blogs than YouTube, Linkedin and Google+ combined. It has now surpassed Twitter for referral traffic, too! You’ll want to get involved in using this fantastic tool to drive tons of traffic to your site.

In this module, we’ll talk about:

  • How to get started with Pinterest – the web’s hottest new social media site and one of the VERY best tools on the web for driving referral traffic to your site.
  • Ways to use unique images on your blog to drive maximum targeted traffic – without spending money on ads
  • The very best traffic-building secrets from my upcoming book Pinfluence: The Complete Guide to Marketing Your Business with Pinterest

Class 4: Live Q&A Session

I know you’ll have questions after three content-rich modules in a row, so we’ll do a teleseminar session where I’ll answer your questions live, and make sure you have everything you need to boost your blog traffic. You’ll get details about the date and time of the webinar after you sign up, and the session will be recorded for those who can’t join us live.

During the entire course, you’ll get great instruction and real life examples that you can really learn from.

Some photographers call this type of photo a "traffic river." Let's work together to get you a river of traffic to your website!

Who should take this course?

This course is perfect for you if:

  • You’re a beginning blogger who is just starting your site, and you want to create a traffic strategy, OR
  • You’re a blogger or website owner who has been trying to build your site for a while, but is frustrated about your lack of traffic
  • You want to get more blog post comments
  • You want to sell more of your goods and services on your blog
  • You want help and are willing to take action on what you learn

This course is not for you if you:

  • already have all the blog traffic you need
  • want someone do all the work for you
  • are looking for a push-button website solution that will make you millions while you sleep. This does take work, folks – I won’t lie. But we’ll try to make it as easy and fun as we can.

How much is it?

If you hired me to work with you privately on everything this course covers, it would cost well over $1,500. But I want this to be easy and affordable for you. I really want you to start getting more traffic, and I want you to get your message out there.

So I’m offering this course to you for just $149.

Take this step and start getting more traffic in 60 days. Stop the depression and frustration of blogging into the void. Stop wasting your great content on an empty auditorium.

You’ll get:

  • Three video/PDF learning modules
  • Outstanding handouts, checklists and templates
  • A one-hour group teleseminar Q&A session with me
  • Lifetime access to our private class page, where you can listen to the recordings and download the materials to your computer, iPhone, Kindle, iPad, or whatever’s handy for you
  • Full access to our class Facebook community

I can only take 50 people into this course, and I expect it to fill up fast. Secure your spot today to make sure you can join us.

What You’ll Need:

  • A working email account
  • A computer with working Internet access
  • Adobe Reader, to view the e-book lessons and handouts
  • A phone with long-distance capability, for the teleseminar Q&A session

“What if I don’t love it?”

I think you’re going to find that the information provided is extremely valuable, and the information and guidance you’ll receive is worth much more than the price of admission.

If after the first lesson you don’t agree, let me know right away and I’ll gladly refund your tuition without hesitation.

“When do I have to decide?”

I’ve decided to limit registration to 50 people, so I can focus on really helping my Traffic School students. Registration will close on May 31st (or sooner if we sell out.)

I’d hate for you to miss out, so grab your spot now.

I’m SO excited about this course. Reserve your spot and join us for Traffic School today!

Ready? Let’s do this!

See you on the inside,

P.S. – This is the part where I’m supposed to give one last pitch for you to sign up for this course. But the way I see it, it’s simple – if you want more traffic (and you want it FAST) sign up today! I’d love to help you.

Want to know what it’s like to work with me? Here’s what people are saying about me:

Bonnie Schwab

“Beth, your warmth and energy humanized a potentially intimating WordPress lesson. You made an intimidating subject simple and welcome. You addressed all questions with thoroughness and patience. Your expertise and encouragement gave me everything I needed to feel confident to set up my own blog—without the stress, anxiety, and high expense! Hats off!!” – Bonnie Schwab

“Beth’s video series was immeasurably helpful in not only starting my business website, but in getting it up, running and making money within 30 days. It was such a sense of accomplishment knowing that I was able to create my site (to my tastes) without having to spend months ‘figuring out’ WordPress. Whatever you need a WordPress site for, Beth’s videos show how easily, yet effectively, you can create the site you want to have.” – Shawn Pearce
“Here’s what I love about working with Beth Hayden – she took me, a gal who is absolutely terrified of and disinterested in technology, and she chunked blogging information down into such tiny and relevant pieces that it was 100% do-able for me! Sometimes I call her with what I know must be neophyte-level questions but she always acts like I am dealing with the most logical and predictable concerns so I never feel like a total idiot. The truth is, if it weren’t for Beth Hayden, I would not have nearly the number of clients that I have. (I’m a busy gal these days.) And, I wouldn’t have a network that spans the globe. I’m a really great therapist – but if it weren’t for Beth, I would be a really HUNGRY therapist, because my favorite clients would never have found me!” – Tamara Suttle
“I just wanted to say a hearty thanks to Beth Hayden of Blogging with Beth for the fabulous job she did leading a bunch of blogging wannabees through the intricacies of the medium last night. Her class was informative and extremely accessible. She is a patient and gentle teacher who manages to make even the most complicated stuff seem doable. I encourage all who want to dip a toe into the blogging waters to give her classes a try at the next opportunity.” – Dana Rogers
“I hired Beth for one-on-one consulting and cannot even begin to tell you how much I learned from her. She knows it all and I highly recommend her. She has been extremely generous with sharing her materials and I cannot urge you enough to meet with her if you want to learn more about social/new media. Plus, Beth is just a wonderful person to get to know!” – Barbara Darling
“Beth’s Blogging class was so helpful to me as an author and a semi-reluctant computer user. I was so comfortable with Beth and felt that she presented the material in such a palatable and practical way that I hired her for one-on-one consulting, too. Beth’s style of teaching is calm, non-threatening, and full of helpful guidance. Not even once did I feel I was in over my head (which I probably was!) Thank you, Beth!!” – Cindy Morris
“Beth Hayden gave me the courage and tools to begin my blog, straightspouseconnection. I’ve had more than 30,000 hits on it and lively dialogue in the posted comments. Beth’s advice and technical help were invaluable.” – Carol Greever
“I’ve been blogging for three years now, and while there are a lot of resources available for new bloggers, there aren’t as many resources for established bloggers. I love blogging, feel comfortable with it, and am always striving to improve my blog. Hiring Beth for a one-one consultation was invaluable. She gave me a sense of what I am doing well, what could be improved upon, and valuable suggestions for developing content that is easy to post, interesting for readers, and serves my business goals. After our conversation, I had a map for things to work on and I’m excited about it. A one-one consultation with Beth is a worthy investment that will pay off manyfold.” – Cynthia Morris
“Beth, your talk on blogging today at the Boulder Writer’s Meetup Group was lively and fun! You covered an important talk in a way that was informative, yet did not lose newbies in the group. I was impressed by your wealth of knowledge and will be recommending you to my own clients who are embarking on blogging. Thanks again!” – Lori Pfeiffer
Gail Storey“Beth Hayden of Blogging with Beth is my go-to person for all-things-blog! She did a fantastic job helping me set up my blog and learn how it all works, and keeps me going with training, coaching, and technical support as needed. Beth’s people skills and exceptional level of expertise make blogging fascinating and fun.” – Gail Storey
“I couldn’t have done my website/blog without Beth. With patience, humor, wisdom and skill, she helped me to put together a site that really fit my business, and that my readers find fresh and inspiring. Beth’s encouragement and enthusiasm also helped me to overcome my anxiety about starting and sustaining a blog.” – Jessica McCrea
Kathleen Christensen“I wanted to create a blog about life with ADD, but I could easily have procrastinated about it for months or even years. Instead, I got help from Beth. She provided all the structure and information I needed to set up my blog. Plus Beth is just all-around nice, helpful, and down-to-earth. I’ve now set up a website about my writing and copyediting services on a blog platform too.” – Kathleen Christensen
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