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I am having a CONTEST!

In just a few days, I am going to give one lucky reader the opportunity to attend one of the biggest social media training events of the year —  the Social Media Success Summit, sponsored by Social Media Examiner — for FREE!

This online-only event will be led by 45+ of the world’s top social media marketing pros (including yours truly) and you don’t want to miss it.

And you don’t even need to leave your house to participate — all the sessions will be available for you to access online, from the comfort of your own home!

How to Enter:

To enter to win a FREE ticket to this awesome event (a $597 value), all you need to do is add a comment on this post, describing your biggest question or challenge about blogging (or if you’re not into blogging, tell me about your biggest online marketing challenge). Your questions can be technical, strategic, or everything in between — so add your comment today, and get yourself entered to win this incredible prize!

THIS CONTEST HAS CLOSED. You can comment on this post (and let me know your problems/issues/gripes) but you will not be entered into the contest.

RULES (Please read carefully before you enter):

  • Deadline for the contest is midnight on Tuesday, August 28th. That means you only have a couple of days to enter, so leave your comment today!
  • Winner will be selected at random from the entries. Please, only ONE entry per participant.
  • When you comment, you MUST use a working email address in the comment form. The email address will be used to send you your free ticket, so make sure it’s one that you check regularly (and don’t worry — no one will see that address except me and the Social Media Examiner administrator who will send your ticket if you win).
  • I’ll announce the winner on Wednesday, August 29th.

THIS CONTEST HAS CLOSED. You can comment on this post (and let me know your problems/issues/gripes) but you will not be entered into the contest.

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  1. I will be launching my website soon, and want to include a blog. Where do I begin – through my website-builder and host,, or through WordPress? Thank you!

    • That’s a good question too! I’m doing the exact same thing – Wix v. WordPress? I absolutely love Wix and feel I am more productive and have far more simple control over it. But it’s templates are so dang slow to load I worry it will scare off customers. I run a couple Wix sites that take 12-14 seconds to load (that just seems terrible for a new, unproven business)!

      I also run a couple WordPress sites. I’m just not as skilled at building websites and seems like WordPress is fine if you really know how to build them so you can customize and make them your own. So I’m trying to weigh this one out too.

  2. My challenge of blogging is focusing and getting it done…. I have so many ideas that I want to write about but also have the mix of worries/what if…. I need a stick to, do, plan.

    • I have this problem too with time and blogging, but have found that it works best to simply keep blog entries short and sweet – one thought, one idea, one tip. There is so much content out there, people really don’t have time to delve into things too much, but a quick thought or tip can deliver a big impact (I think anyway).

  3. I don’t think it’s a good idea to begin a blog until I’m fairly certain I can add something worthwhile on a regular basis. Even then, I haven’t a clue about the best place to start.

    However, my biggest social media challenge is finding the time (being a 1 person soup-to-nuts potter/tile maker) to write. In the first place, writing well takes a big bite out of my already very busy workday. Add to that the tedium of trying to juggle posting to each of the biggies (Facebook, Pinterest, blog, artist’s website, Etsy Teams, etc.) or feeling like a slacker by just focusing on one… or none.

    My hat’s off to anyone who can suggest ways to boost a marketing profile that doesn’t take away from time needed for making a product, writing descriptions, on-line listings, answering customer questions, writing thank yous, packaging, shipping, following licensing, wholesale, & custom leads, approaching new shops, appearing at fairs & events, paying the bills, networking with peers, designing new pieces to stay fresh, & leaving memorable feedback that encourages repeat business.

    Guess I need help more than I knew before commenting here 🙂


    • I am starting to look into a productivity principle called “batch processing”. I think it’s been a round for a while, but one thing I’ve noticed is truly greater efficiency in time when there is momentum. So, if I am going to town on several tasks that are related to one another, I don’t have to stop and shift gears nearly as much when I batch or compartmentalize them more. So I think it works really well, but you have to allow for only 30 minute batches, I’ve found because there are lots interruptions that you can’t always leave for much longer than that. For example, my son is trying to sell his car as I write this and he keeps texting me. I can hold him off for 30 minutes, but really do need to respond to some of these soon.

  4. My biggest question about blogging/website is that I moved from blogger to wordpress, and lost a lot of google ranking and traffic. I want to know the best way to rebuild my following and make sure my posts are searchable. I have other issues with my website, but that’s one of my biggest right now. Thanks Beth!

  5. One of my biggest challenges with blogging is writing creative and magnetic headlines balanced with my SEM keywords.

  6. My biggest online marketing challenge is bridging the generational divide. I am the online media manager to a membership association. Our members are, demographically, a generation older than much of our staff. So, it’s difficult for us to not only get folks to embrace social media marketing so that that channel can be fully utilized but also in figuring out content that will drive them to engage.

    So far, it’s just been one experiment after another and we haven’t really settled on a solid strategy – which could be part of the problem in that we are not being consistent in our methods. But we keep asking ourselves, is it the lack of audience size or not getting the content right that is slowing our growth and yielding poor results, or is it the inconsistency?

    Presently only 12% of our members are following us on Facebook (far less on Twitter), despite an in-house study concluding at least 70% of them have a Facebook account. Clearly, Facebook is where our members are (socially), but it’s been difficult to feel the time and effort is worth it when the growth and engagement seem so stagnant. Would love to hear your thoughts!

  7. Thanks, Beth! My biggest challenge is trying to be clairvoyant about Facebook’s algorithms, for my social media clients. Twitter has much better engagement … and naturally their audiences are not on Twitter in large numbers.

  8. My biggest challenge is getting responsive engagement – that is, comments! Do people comment anymore, or am I doing something wrong, or is it that my niche doesn’t have the time? I need to sort all that out, and then the next hurdle would be capturing my target audience better than I do now!

  9. I’m an author with a book tour that is growing like crazy. My biggest online marketing challenge is to utilize social media to let people know I’m coming to their area. My overall online marketing challenge is to manage all my platforms (website, blog, magazine column, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Amazon, Goodreads, etc.) while (with help from my publisher) coordinating events, making travel arrangements, placing book excerpts online and in print, getting reviews and interviews online and in print, and most important–creating and maintaining the relationships that allow for reciprocal support. Whew, I need a nap now.

  10. Biggest online marketing challenge is SEO, and how to consistently stay on the first page of Google, Yahoo, bing. Second Biggest ?is pinterest worth linking to for SEO for my website

  11. Beth, thanks for the great contest! I’ve enjoyed your writings (thanks to Alyson Stanfield) but this is my first time to comment.

    Since I’m a studio artist, it’s a super challenge to hit all of the “right notes” and keep up with what works and does not work on all of the social media platforms and get this done in a way that does not detract from my studio time.

    Donna Branch

  12. Naghma Husain says:

    We haven’t launched our blog yet, but I know we’ll be challenged on creating fresh content that sets us apart.

  13. My biggest challenge with blogging is actually getting it done. Every so often I pledge to post something every other day, or on some other ambitious-for-me schedule. Then I don’t do it for long, and soon months have gone by with no new posts. Time to re-energize and get inspired so I WANT to share my info with the world!

    • I’ve done the start-stop-start thing too and I agree consistency in posting (both in the frequency and quantity) can either make you look good/professional or… not so much.

  14. getting er done!!!!! i am with betty. cheers, dana

  15. I write a Middle Grade contemporary fiction series. My third book will be launched in the next 3 weeks. This Frenchie series has a 13 year old who writes a daily blog (FBF-Frenchie’s Best Friend) to his French Bulldog followers. My website gives info about the books and myself, and even discussion point guides. ( My blog is where I write humorous blogs to entertain, give pointers and resources, and try to attract readers through contests and info about my books. I am totally in need of figuring out how to better connect and drive more traffic to my books, blog and website. I am definitely in need of more skills in this area in order to launch my third book more dramatically and establish a following. Thanks for the opportunity to win a ticket to these valuable sessions!

    • I self-published a book two years ago for dental hygienists looking for a job and one of the things I did right was targeting the right audience. I simply found a list of all the dental hygiene schools in the US and Canada and went about contacting each program director about the book. I would imagine you could do the same except of course contacting school teachers and directing them to your site. I won’t lie it took a lot of hours doing this but it really helped launch things for the book and quickly built my audience. The one thing I failed to do was offer them some piece of content in exchange for them joining my list. Good luck!

  16. My greatest problem comes from not understanding the internet and all the ins and outs. I have just spent three weeks trying to get everything back up to speed after enlisting a computer clean-up site. What a mess, and costly, too. Then the Google mail updates threw me off – losing email et al. Then I probably pushed too many wrong buttons! I spent a good amount of time on the internet exporer and google help sites but I really didn’t understand most of it. I wish there was a manual “Internet for Dummies” or in my case, “Internet for Idiots”. It is all so frustrating when I love writing and bloggin and have a pretty good grasp of WordPress.

  17. My biggest challenge is trying to do everything I need to need for my blog (writing, promoting, supporting other bloggers) while working full-time. I try to get on a schedule, but if something messes it up, it’s hard to get back in the groove.

  18. My challenge is coordinating my efforts and content between my blog, (, etsy shop ( and the Facebook pages for each of them. Right now they are separate entities that need to be commingled to form a cohesive branded unit.

  19. Di says:

    Hi Beth,
    Thanks to your book, my biggest challenge is NOT Pinterest:) I have over 2700 followers there, due in great part to buying your book when I first started:)
    I have been using a WordPress plugin to handle my email and now I want to switch to a paid service, probably Aweber, and need to learn more about it. I really want to concentrate my efforts on building my list. I like the opt in form you are using here. I also like Social Triggers site, right at the top. Much better than a pop up form.
    Thanks for the contest, I hope to buy a ticket if I don’t win:) Di

  20. Miki Baxter says:

    My biggest challenge is to create interesting content while remaining true to my voice…am I writing for me and hopefully building an audience because of my personality or do I move towards what I think the audience wants in order to build a bigger one?

  21. Hi Beth,

    Great contest! My biggest challenge in online marketing is how to translate all that great content from the States to my own country The Netherlands. Dutch people do not immediately trust American sales pages or statements. They will say: ‘Oh, that’s so typical American’. But nevertheless, I can see that it is useful.

    Over here I am a social media influencer and I regard it as my task to provide my fans and followers with good solid and new information. The idea of an online summit is so great! I want to organise it here in the Netherlands as well, with Dutch speaking professionals.

    So yes, I would love to win a ticket, please let me know in time. If I do not win I can buy myself an early bird ticket.

    Love from Holland, Jeanet

  22. My biggest challenge is managing my time effectively to be productive in blogging. I am married with 4 young children (3-9 yrs old) and I have a full time 40+ hr per week job so setting aside time to focus on blogging is very difficult.

  23. We are rebuilding our website and creating a blog on site. My biggest challenge will be to create a voice that speaks to the audience we have and provides useful information on a regular basis. How does an analog brains speak to a digital generation?

  24. My biggest blogging challenge is STRUCTURE and PLANNING. I need to plan an effective blogging schedule – ahead of time – to minimize my posting delays and have a more regular presence.

    Perhaps, this is more of a time management or discipline issue, but it parlays into my blogging challenge.

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