A Great Little Post on Social Networking

The folks over at Click to Client put up an excellent, succinct post recently about how Facebook, Linkedin and other social networking sites work – mainly, you get OUT of it what you put INTO it. I was nodding and smiling the whole way through the post, and I'm considering making it mandatory reading for any client that wants me to help them launch a social media campaign.  Check it out here

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  1. So true of so much in life. I have a lot to learn about social networking but right now I’m focused on mastering this fine art of blogging!

  2. Hey Beth,
    So glad you enjoyed it! Feel free to send potential clients a copy. : )

  3. We use stumbleupon to help to promote our blog… but be careful – they don’t like you posting your own stuff on their blog.

  4. Beth, you turned me into a blogger–and now I’ll probably join Facebook too! I used to think Facebook was just for the younger crowd, but it turns out my friends are getting hooked one by one. Email is so last century…. 🙂

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